It is no secret that the job market is more competitive than it ever has been. Job hunting in 2021 isn’t for the faint hearted. Several years ago you might have been competing against ten other applicants for your desired position. However, nowadays you are likely to be competing with somewhere closer to one hundred. This means that you must do as much as possible to give yourself the best chance of standing out against all of the other applicants. If you read on then you will discover top job search advice tips which will help you in the tough job market experienced at present. 

job hunting in 2021

Join a Job Agency

A lot of people underestimate how beneficial joining a job agency is. Not only will you be able to browse available jobs but you will be notified as soon as a relevant vacancy comes up. This ensures you are always on the ball and never miss out on a good opportunity. Not only is this useful, but the best job agencies will provide you with help on your quest to find a job. They will give you advice, provide you with news regarding the industry and you will have the opportunity to ask any questions you may have too. 


There is a difference between following up and being a pest. There is nothing wrong with calling or emailing a company to discover whether the position has been awarded to someone or the role is still up for discussion. The company will appreciate how keen you are and it will improve your chances because they will see how determined you are to work for their company. If the job has already been awarded then this is still a worthwhile activity. After all, next time a position comes up you will have put yourself in the employer’s mind and so they may give you a direct call rather than having to go through the advertising process again.  

job hunting in 2021

Build a Network

In the current day having a quality contact book is everything, this is especially in industries such as journalism and web design. These are industries whereby your contacts and your reputation play a substantial role. In the modern-day, it is quite commonly a case of ‘it’s not what you know but who you know’. Well, don’t let that make you think you can forget about honing your skills and getting the necessary qualifications. You need to have the full package; all of the skills needed for the job as well as good standing in the industry you wish to be in. Email people, add contacts on LinkedIn and ask blog owners if you can write guest posts related to your field of interest. 

If you follow the three tips given in this blog post then you will have the best chance of finding a job in the current economic climate. Don’t overlook the value of joining an agency, don’t be afraid of following up once you have applied for a job and definitely make sure you build up your contact list – you never know when someone may come in handy!

Good Luck!