Today I want to talk about potentially one of the most discarded rooms of the house. The Home Office. Plus, what exactly makes the perfect home office?

If you have the privilege to work from home then this may actually be one of the most important rooms of the house for you. But more often than not, the “little bedroom” or “family study” becomes a dumping ground for everyone’s odds and sods.

I’m here to say that it doesn’t have to be that way! Your family office or study doesn’t need to be a free for all.

Regardless of which category you fall into out of the above, this post is relevant for both situations – so stay with me folks! I’ve put this post together with both situations in mind, so within each principle of creating the perfect home office, both are catered for.

Let’s take a closer look at the 4 key principles of creating the perfect home office / study…

perfect home office

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Your Signature Style


No room is complete without it’s overall style. And the home office or study should be no different!

If you’re working from home and the home office is often your main space, this is the perfect room to spend more energy on perfecting. Because you use the room day in day out, you’ll want to make sure the style you choose to follow (or create yourself) is totally unique you.

(That’s actually a great idea for another post… Stay tuned for more on how to create your own signature style)…

perfect home office

When it comes to the home office though, try to choose a style you’ll be happy with in the long term. Whether that’s sleek modern minimalism or rustic industrial or random pieces of mid-century furniture – that’s up to you. But my biggest recommendation to you is to stay with the style throughout the room. You don’t want to have confusing pieces of furniture and accessories that don’t sit well with each other.

Similarly, should this room be used more for storage purposes, the style chosen should also be kept throughout. In this instance however it may be slightly more straightforward as there will inevitably be less furniture and finishing touches to think about. It will then be more about keeping in-line with perhaps a modern set of storage or more classical.

perfect home office


Perfecting the Practicalities


Of course the home office needs to be practical. Practical for what the main use of the room is. If you’re primarily using it for family storage (books, magazines, old school photographs, filing – you name it) then you’ll want to concentrate on the storage you’re putting in there more than the other bits of furniture.

But if you’re using the home office / study as more of an office then the focus should shift on to the desk and chair.

When it comes to perfecting your practicalities – for any room in fact – always remember to evaluate how and why you use the room in the way that you do, and then focus on how you can concentrate on that particular use more than any other.

home office


Stylish Storage


I have already touched on storage requirements slightly in the previous principle so this is more for those who use their home study as an actual office than general family rom with random bits and bobs.

After you’ve decided on your style for the office, it’s important to have some storage elements that really compliment this style. Depending on what sort of theme you’re looking to portray here there are some interesting options to consider…

Have you thought about doubling up the home office with a library wall? This can be an extremely stylish way of storing your beloved books and magazines.

Perhaps you have a large printer, lots of office supplies and general paperwork that need storing… Depending on how much you have to store, the perfect stylish solution to this would be low level cupboards with shelving above.

If you’re short on wall space it may be worthwhile looking into a larger desk with storage facilities within.

The key to perfecting your home office or study is to keep continuity throughout.

perfect home office


Finishing Touches


No “4 Principles” post would be complete without a trusted Finishing Touches section! I mean, who doesn’t love adding those last few personal identity cues throughout their home?

Of course, the home office or study should be no different to any other room in the house when it comes to the finishing touches. If this room is primarily a family-wide used space then these decorative pieces should absolutely be family orientated in its entirety. And if it’s your home office five days out of seven then – yep, you’ve guessed it! – let’s make it all about you and who you strive to be every day.

home office

The key decorative accessories for a family oriented study is going to mostly be picture frames. Again, I would try to stick with the same (or similar) style of frame to keep things simple and avoid the “hap-hazard trap”.

If you’re looking for a more personal approach to the final styling, decorative accessories and quotes / posters in frames will be the absolute go-to, hands down. Try Desenio for decorative posters and quotes (they also sell frames to go with them!)

Some of my favourite home office decorative accessories at the moment…



I hope you have enjoyed this post and has given you an insight into how you can easily create the perfect home office / study at home! What do you use your home office / study for? And how do you make it work for you and your family? Share it with us in the comments below!

Until next time,

Jessica xo



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