Buying a new home is one of the most exciting things anyone can do. It’s also one of the more scary things in life too. Undoubtedly the largest purchase you’ll ever buy.

Because of this, there is often a niggling pressure to get it right and find the perfect home for you and your family can put quite a bit of pressure on. Especially when you’ve got advice coming from multiple areas. Even if you’re upgrading having bought a home before, it can still be a daunting experience.

Here are some of the top issues and areas to look out for when buying your next home…

Future Builds

Sometimes you might find the perfect house, move in, and be happy. Right up until more houses are built in what once was a field offering a better view or more space for the family. It’s advantageous to know what’s going to happen around you and when.

In most cases new build houses are hassle-free when buying, but if there are further phases going up around you it means more buildings in places you may not have expected. This also applies to council planning. There may be plans for new shopping areas, schools, transport hubs or industrial areas. Make sure you do your research first on the planning portal (for those in the UK).

The Right Space

Think about what you need your home for and try to think into the future. How many bedrooms do you need, and what will you use them for? Do you have hobbies that require extra space? Is a garage a necessity for this. Will you need more space to work from home?

It can be hard to completely visualise this sometimes. You’ll want it to call out to you but it won’t, so you do need to be imaginative if possible. Brainstorm what sort of space you’re likely to need, for both right now and the future.

It’s also hard to work out the course your life may take over the years after buying the new home. However, to stop disappointment down the line it’s an important aspect to buying a home.

Check the Frame

A lot of people look at the windows, but fail to look at the frames. Older homes were built with wooden frames, and even some of the newer ones do. Don’t be too preoccupied with the windows and doors themselves. Cracked frames reduce the security of the home, but they can also let in cold drafts which will end up costing you a fortune in heating costs. Some might be repaired internally with a little bit of caulk, but external repairs can be pretty pricey and end up costing you a chunk of money, especially if you end up replacing the windows wholesale.

what to watch out for when buying a new home

Check the Guttering

You have to check the guttering too because if it’s broken or mangled it’ll cause water to pool. If this has been going on for a long time, it may give rise to damp. Make sure you highlight any damaged or clogged guttering. If there are lower roofs you may be able to have a look at these from the second story, but if they’re along the top of the home you may have to rely on your survey to spot these for you. That being said you can have a look at the floor around the home and look for pooling easy enough.

That rounds up some of the areas you should double check when purchasing a new home.