The COVID-19 pandemic has been around for a while now, so we’re probably all used to the way life is at this moment. Some of us are still figuring a few things out, but – on the whole – we’re all kind of adapting to this kind of world pretty well.

It has been a few months, and things are starting to open up to the public again, but we still need to be pretty wary of our behaviour. There’s no vaccination or signs of it completely disappearing yet, so we have to remain vigilant and not do anything silly.

As we’ve been stuck in our homes more often than we’d like, life has become somewhat tedious and a little mundane. If you get that same impression, then don’t worry as you’re not on your own! Some people aren’t taking it well at all though, as they always need to “get out and do something” in some capacity – staying indoors all the time just isn’t for them. 

Fortunately, we can boost our mental and physical well-being while staying put in our homes. If you feel like you need help in terms of keeping yourself healthy during a pandemic, then here are my top 4 tips for doing just so…

stay healthy during a pandemic
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Keep As Social As Possible

Fortunately, we’re at a point where we can head out and be around our friends and family – within reason, of course. Not everyone is comfortable with heading out still though, so it’s good to be aware of this. A lot of people still want to stay indoors just in case, and that’s absolutely fine.

If you’re one of those kinds that prefer to stay in and stay isolated a lot more often than not, then you should still find ways of being in touch with others. 

FaceTime people. Use social media platforms and different forums. Get on Zoom and have a chat with your group of friends. Basically, do what you can to be in the presence of others in whatever way as too many solitary activities will drive you crazy.

Learn New Things Everyday

If you’re continually adding new things into your repertoire, you’re doing three significant things.

Firstly, you’re keeping yourself occupied, which is vital during these strange times. You’re also becoming a more useful and competent person overall. Thirdly, you’re building your overall self-confidence, which will also serve you well for when the world gets back to normal. 

stay healthy during a pandemic
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Make Sure Your Home Is In Good Condition Too

Another way to keep healthy during a Pandemic is to keep busy with work around your home. While you’re stuck inside, you may as well look to boost and/or maintain the value of the home you inhabit. Look to clean it up a bit, renovate some things, think about the safety by getting asbestos removals or pest control services to take a look at things.

There’s always something you can do domestically or as an improvement, so it’s good to explore these areas whilst you have the time. 

Think Happy And Positively

This is definitely “easier said than done”! But now is the time to develop and harness the skill of positive thinking.

Being a positive person will improve your life – no matter what situation you’re in. It won’t come overnight, but try to see the good in everything you do and in everything that happens. It’ll take time, but it’ll make your life particularly during this pandemic, so much better. 

stay healthy during a pandemic
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I hope the points above have been helpful, and can provide you with some ideas on how to stay healthy during a Pandemic. How have you been coping? How are you feeling about it all? I would love to hear your thoughts and experiences in the comments below.

As always, take care of yourself!

Jessica xo