Linkedin has 740 million users and counting, spread over 200 countries and territories. With employers having to wade through thousands of people, standing out from the crowd is more important than ever. But how do you do that effectively?

Here you’ll find 5 simples changes and improvements you can make to your Linkedin profile that’ll make head-hunters stop in their tracks. For all the right reasons. Are you ready to find out how to stand out on LinkedIn?

how to stand out on LinkedIn

A Professional Photo

First things first, you want to make a good impression on potential partners and clients. And the first thing they’ll see is your profile photo. An image can tell a thousand stories, and people make a judgment on you within 2 seconds of scrolling through your profile.

So taking the time to have a professional and appropriate photo pays dividends.

A Snappy Headline

When employers get onto your profile, you want to give them a reason to stay. Having a short, snappy, yet compelling headline is a sure way to make them do just that.

Make it relevant and precise. And steer clear of making it too niche. Having your job title in there is fine, but remember that different companies might call your role something else. So you don’t want them to navigate off your page just because your headline was lost in translation.

A Personal Summary

The summary part of your job profile is all about you. So don’t be afraid to make it that way. It’s an opportunity to show people who you are so they have a better understanding of what you could be like as an employee. To stand out from the crowd, don’t use the same jargon that everyone in your field does. That way, you’ll be a breath of fresh air after the hundreds of profiles that all read the same.

Talk About Your Accomplishments

If you’ve achieved anything worth note, nows the time to brag about it. Maybe you have experience using IRESS interface, or you have the gift of the gab that can be evidenced in previous jobs or achievements. Don’t leave anything out because it feels like you’re bragging too much – now is the time to brag.

Another very effective way to talk about your accomplishments is to have other people talk about them for you. Nothing speaks louder than endorsements from previous employers or course teachers.

Add Relevant Links

Everything on your Linkedin profile needs to be relevant. And that rule is just as valid for adding links to your page. Any work-related blogs, online portfolios, or websites should be included. That way, employers can see your work in action. It’s another great way to give them a bit of insight into you as an employee and worker.

You’re far more likely to be remembered if you had professional work examples on hand than if you don’t have any at all.

how to stand out on LinkedIn

Your profile is just one facet of your online resume and career. Linkedin is a fantastic tool when used correctly, but cultivating other areas of your online persona will help boost it just as much as a snappy headline will.

If you really want to stand out, have fun! A fun profile is a profile that won’t be forgotten. So get out there and be yourself!