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Jessica Elizabeth Interiors is a Cotswolds based interior design studio. We specialise in creating tailored made and bespoke design solutions for our clients…


Texture, warmth and refined comfort whilst encapsulating our client’s personalities. Cohesive outcomes throughout a property..

Our mission is to enrich people’s wellbeing through bespoke and detail orientated design solutions. We believe that we should not only live in our homes, but thrive in them.



We pride ourselves in providing a personal, professional and friendly design experience.

Our clients feel confident in our honest design process to create a home they truly love to be in.


We are proud to work with an extremely dedicated and detail orientated set of contractors, suppliers and tradespeople.

We only work with highly skilled professionals whose craftsmanship is exquisite.

Call us today on 07967 339275 to see how we can help you create your dream home.

Jessica’s Story

Interior Designer Cheltenham Gloucestershire Cotswolds

My journey as an interior designer hasn’t been linear. Ever since I started University in Manchester, I have lived and breathed interior design. I worked tirelessly to achieve a First Class Honours degree.

I initially pursued a love for event design in the early stages of my career, by working for a global design agency in London. It was this experience of helping to deliver some of the most sensational luxury automotive events worldwide that my work life started to take over. Deadlines seemed to be daily, and with the stress of living and working in the city, this stress was inevitable.  

After two years in London, I decided to move back to my hometown, Cheltenham, to follow a different route… I joined an architect’s practice and designed high-end residential interiors for projects within the surrounding areas. With this move, my work-life balance improved greatly and living within close proximity of my family gave me enormous joy. 

During this time, I started an online Blog to share my knowledge of interior design with others. This became a success very quickly, attracting over 40,000 readers every month. I also started to make my health and fitness a priority by joining a gym, around the full time job and blog work outside of that. It is my unwavering dedication and hard work that saw me through these ever busy times.

Little did I know, I was running myself head first into the ground. Eventually, following magnitudes of stress from work and pressures I had set for myself, I hit burnout and became very unwell. 

I didn’t realise in the years leading up to this point that the stress, change of environments and being unsettled, would have such an impact on my body and overall well-being.

At the beginning of my health condition I was unaware as to how much it would impact my life and how I would need to change my lifestyle to feel better and move forward. In the early stages of this, I actually took a work promotion with a small London studio of interior designers.

At this time, I realised that in order for me to learn more, adapt to the condition and look after my health properly, I needed to take a break. 

Due to Covid-19 this break was slightly longer than I had anticipated! But it has allowed me to have the time to reflect on what I really wanted to do, and how I wanted to go about life. On my own terms. 

Starting an interior design business has always been a dream of mine, and I believe it’s now the time to do so.

I am pleased to say that I have now overcome the difficulties with my health, refocused myself and am ready to help others create the home of their dreams.

I will not stop striving to improve the lifestyle and overall well-being of others through impeccable design. I do truly believe that given the right environment to flourish, our struggles will fade away… And our senses restored to what truly matters.

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