Your home should be your happy place, where after a long day you can kick back and relax in an aesthetically pleasing surrounding. However, creating the perfect home can mean a lot of money and time needs going into it to really make it a warm and welcoming home.

My biggest recommendation for anyone who’s short for cash but looking to re-do an entire room is to give the walls a fresh coat of paint and update one or two pieces of furniture. Take a look at how you can make your home improvement budget go further. Aside from these large and sometimes costly improvements, how else can we improve the environment at home?

Here are my top four ways for creating a positive home for all the family…

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Focus On Decluttering


If buying new items is out of your budget, decluttering the items you already have is integral to creating a neutral and calming space. Decluttering is one of the simple ways to calm everybody in the house. Think of all those clothes or knick knacks that hardly get used or looked at, do you really need them all? Putting a plan in place to conquer clutter room by room automatically makes the task easier to accomplish.

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Don’t Ignore Any Room


From your bedroom, to your living room, all the way through to the spare room used for storing everything, no space should be overlooked. Even if you haven’t finished decorating a specific room, the temptation can be to shut the door and ignore it. But because unfinished work can weigh heavily on our minds, this inevitably makes us feel somewhat deflated. It’s far better when you are creating a more positive atmosphere in the home, to focus on every room and make it as complete as physically possible.

Try to set aside a few weekends to really focus on finishing those forgotten rooms, it will make you and everyone else in your home feel more at ease.


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Remember The Senses


Sight, sound, and smell are the key senses that impact our ability to calm down. If we walk through the front door into a relaxing atmosphere, we will calm down. Whilst is particularly beneficial when we’ve had a bad day. There are companies like Aromatech who provides scent diffusers and can help with improving the aromatherapy side of things in your home, and you can contact them for more information if this appeals to you.

It’s important to add those finishing touches to as many rooms in the home as possible. For example, in the bedroom opt for tranquil scents such as lavender and chamomile. The bathroom should be fresh and uplighting, whilst the living room may be more sophisticated in scent. Here are my go-to’s…

If you’re struggling to sleep or have a good night’s sleep, take a look at The White Company’s extensive Sleep range. Diffusers, candles – all sorts to help you sleep well.

For a sophisticated scent, the Seychelles range from the White Company or the home fragrance collection from Laura Ashley are my ultimate favourites.

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Eliminate Bad Memories


Sometimes, it’s not about how the home is designed, but the memories that it holds. If your home contains bad memories, think about ways you can shift your mindset and alter those to more positive ones. Getting rid of bad memories can be difficult, but the bad experiences we have in life can very easily hang from the walls of our home, especially when you have pictures hanging up everywhere. If you are trying to create a more positive atmosphere, it can feel painful to get rid of these pictures, especially if they have good and bad memories attached. But if you can find ways to segregate these bad experiences, or even “box-up” the memories and keep in the loft, this is one step closer to feeling relaxed and rejuvenated in your home.


I really hope this post has given you some ideas on how you can improve the ambience of your home. How do you keep a positive and relaxing atmosphere in your home? Share it with us in the comments below!

Speak soon,

Jessica xo



The Senses, Laura Ashley – Laura Ashely Home Fragrance

The White Company – Home Fragrance

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