With the Winter weather now in full view, and Christmas only around the corner, it’s time to start thinking about how to create a “Dinner Party Ready Dining Room”.

The dining room is typically a room that barely gets used year round until the Festive period. To some, it could be considered a dumping ground apart from these Festive festivities. However it is actually a great opportunity to create another family-orientated “hub” through the design of a Dining Room.

As preparation’s for this year’s Christmas period are coming to the forefront of our minds already, it is the perfect opportunity to explore some of the well designed Dining Rooms that work perfectly all year round. And more importantly, for the Festive period too.

Are you ready?

Let’s take a look at some of the well designed Dining Rooms and how you can create your own ahead of this year’s festive period.

dinner party dining room
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Keeping it Simple

The key to preparing any space for the festive period is to keep it simple and approach it casually. There’s nothing worse than a dining table set-up so intensely that it distracts from the focus of the dinner.

Explore arranging the dining table with festive decorative accessories. These could be fern leaves, holly, red berries etc. Creating a linear Wreath made out of wintery-inspired plants and berries for the centrepiece of your table makes the perfectly simple Dining Table set up ready for any dinner party.

Use a neutral coloured table runner to create the foundation to the real table settings.

Read on for some more adventurous dinner table set-ups…

dinner party ready dining room
Photo Credit – World of Decor

The Colour Palette

Recently I have seen many people on social media share their neutrally-colour based dining rooms. And you can see why! They provide any Dinner Party the blank canvas and foundation for building the perfectly styled table set-up for almost any and all special occasions.

With a neutral back-drop, you can add colour by the accessories you choose to use, the colour of the napkins or even floral arrangements.

Photo Credit – Home Stories A-Z

Contrastingly, you could opt for something with more of a statement. The use of greens, reds and golds are the most traditional colours for the festive period. Or swap out gold for silver, depending on your personal preference. You could even go for the dark look and accessorise with black or navy accents.

dinner party dining room
Photo Credit – Maisons du Monde
dinner ready dining room
Photo Credit – George at Home

Create Opulence

Use gold accents to create a sense of opulence on the table. This could be through the cutlery laid on the table, centrepiece accessories or even the glasses. Don’t be afraid to go all out!

Photo Credit – Maisons du Monde
Photo Credit – Amara

The Ambience

If you do leave your Christmas decor for the big day right up util the last minute, there’s always one saving grace!


They can even be used almost as the only centrepiece to the table. Add some wintery stems or eucalyptus to finish the look off.

dinner party ready dining room
Photo Credit – Lights4Fun

TOP TIP – always add candles for added ambience.

dinner party dining room
Photo Credit – Maisons du Monde
Photo Credit – Amara

There you have it! My top tips on how to create a dinner party dining room, fit for any type of entertaining this festive season…

How do you like to accessorise or style your dining room around Christmas? Share it with us in the comments below!

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