It’s no secret that Grey and monotoned interiors are becoming a thing of the past. They are sooo 2018… If you have been reading any of my other posts from the last 2-3 months you may have noticed a hint towards this colossal trend within them! Finally we are able to say goodbye to “50 shades of grey” interiors.

So what is going to replace them? You may well be thinking.

Well this week I have been exploring the next path for interior design trends – moving away from monochromatic or the “50 shades trap” as I call it! And ultimately where they are likely to head for the Spring and Summer of 2019.

In this blog post I aim to share with you the next route for interiors, and how we can implement these shifts in trends easily, without spending a fortune.

Let’s take a closer look at the next interior take-over from Grey’s.

Introducing, B E I G E

Stay tuned . . .

interior trends of 2019

The New Foundation

It’s official. I’m renaming the dreaded 50 Shades of Grey with 50 Shades of Beige. Because that’s exactly where the interior design trends of 2019 are heading.

Shades of beige and subtle browns are the new foundation colours that will replace White and Grey (you’ve heard it here first).

Many luxurious homes featured on Pinterest have beige, cream and shades of browns used as their foundation colours for the interior schemes. This creates a soft and warm palette of which to build upon with similar subtle-toned colour.

This bring us onto examining which colours blend seamlessly with this new foundation for our interiors, with a key focus on those to watch out for this year.

interior trends of 2019

Paired-Back Pastels

Grey based interiors are often heavily associated with Scandinavian or Nordic shapes and tones. But there’s also a new avenue this famous movement is taking too.

The first of which is pastels. Now we’re not talking about the bright and sticky colours from our childhoods. Oh no… Pastels have well and truly grown up in 2019.

We’re talking about soft pinks, muted greens and barely-there blues. These are the perfect starting points to adding a hint of colour to our new foundation colours.

For the ultimate sophistication, keep it simple. A cushion here, and a vase there – sorted.

interior trends of 2019

A Light Dusting of Desert Hues

If pastel colours aren’t your thing – don’t worry! Much richer and warmer tones from the desert could hit the spot…

Think sun-baked beige, terracotta and earthy reds. They are perfect tones to awaken a beige and brown base throughout the home.

The key to pairing desert-inspired tones with beige or cream is to not go too over the top. Again, keep it simple and don’t over do it.

Start by experimenting with the layering of cushions, a throw, then think about taking it beyond. A rich earthy coloured rug, or even a step further with the wall colour. Have you considered deep tan walls? I’m convinced that 2019 will be the year…

interior trends of 2019

I hope you have enjoyed reading this post as much as I have enjoyed writing it! And you’ve been able to take some design ideas from it for this year…

How do you feel about switching from a grey-based interior to more brown based? Have you already started to make a shift in your home? I’d love to know what you think about it in the comments below!

Until next time,

Jessica xo


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