Ahhhhh the seaside… Easily my favourite scenery to be in and be around the sea to get away from the hustle and bustle of everyday life… Equally being able to stay somewhere with truly gorgeous and blissful seaside views from a beach house retreat are truly spectacular. The seaside makes me feel at ease and is hands down one of the few places where I can really shut off from the world.

Many people often stay away from home and not only enjoy their surroundings but also the place they’re staying. So much so that they wish they could recreate it within their own homes so they can be retreats too.

I’m a firm believer that your home should feel like a retreat from the everyday world in any event… Stresses instantly disappear and happiness fills us when we arrive to our homes. That is my ultimate goal as an interior designer, and if I can provide you with helpful and practical tips and ideas to try for yourself through this blog then all the better…

This week, I’m focusing on this gorgeous seaside home in Southern California and I’ll be walking you through how you can create these blissfully serene interiors in your home too.

I’ve broken this down into Four key areas to help you gradually add some relaxing seaside cues into your home.

Are you ready?

beach house interior
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The Base Colour Palette

A base colour and material palette should always be chosen before embarking on a redesign or redecoration project. Defining the neutral base in the paint colour, fabric for furniture and flooring, you can then build upon this to create the desired look.

For creating a beach house look at home, starting with an off-white or cream for the walls is a great base. Light browns and beiges can become secondary colours used for furniture or feature walls / surfaces in the interior.

Once you have a good neutral base colour palette in place, you can build on this and add specific accent textures and colours to create an almost curated look.

interior colour palette
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Tones of Blue

To really achieve the look of a true beach house, this next principle of ideas goes without saying… Adding subtle hints / tones of blue.

With the added tones of blue, you may wish to add some neutral prints or patterns to add extra texture.

With a true beach house interior, inspirations from the ocean are taken and subtlety implemented into the spaces. Be it through artwork on the walls, accessories or a more playful addition of wallpaper / paint in a guest bathroom; there is something for everyone.

Here are some of the simple ways you can add a hint of blue to a neutral space:

Timber Accents

The next layer of creating a true beach house interior at your home is by adding timber accents to your spaces. This could be a rustic looking console table, coffee table or even wicker baskets and raw bar stools.

For the kitchen you may wish to consider farmhouse style cabinets and timber furniture for the dining area.

In the bathrooms it’s worth considering light timber cabinets paired with pale blue tiles and timber flooring.

Like I always say with any interior project, it’s quite often the finishing touches that make all the difference to a space. And it’s no different when we discuss a particular style or trend.

Nautical References

With a beach house inspired interior, and as obvious as this may seem, using nautically inspired accessories lifts the space entirely.

This doesn’t mean adding a load of ship ornaments to console tables or blue and white striped cushions… I’m talking about one or two seashell inspired bowls, and a mix of light blue toned accessories with some neutrally patterned cushions.

There are a number of different ways you can add subtle seaside / ocean references. It’s about being clever with the variety of colours that come with being within a seaside environment. It’s not necessarily the blues and greens of the sea itself, but the beige tones of the land surrounding.

I hope you’ve enjoyed reading these ideas on how you can create a dreamy beach house inspired interior in your home!

Have you created a seaside inspired space in your home? Let me know in the comments below!

Take Care,

Jessica xo