One of the keys to success is Goal Setting with Intention. Success has a different meaning to everyone. Gone are the days when success was measured as a status symbol. Now, it’s more about those qualities in yourself that make you who you are, or making those career aspirations become a reality.

Define and Gain Clarity on Your Dream


It all begins with deciding what it is that you really want to achieve. What is that big dream that would really ignite the fire in your belly? Where do you want to go in life? Who do you want to be – what type of person do you wish to become?

Once you have defined your dreams and ambitions, you then need to gain clarity on them. This will help you to discover the resources and opportunities needed to make your dreams become a reality.

Write Down Your Goals


It’s time to put your dreams and goals down onto paper. Make a list, or take an A3 piece of paper (even bigger if you can!) and jot anything and everything down that comes to you that you’d really like to achieve. It doesn’t matter what order you write these down – just make sure they are all written out. You should collate your goals / dreams to a list format in the end so you can read over them every day.

A True Decision


This is one of the most important steps of goal setting. You have to make a promise to yourself that you will strive to achieve your goals. You need to make a true decision that this is what you’re working towards. Avoid using phrase like “I want” or “I hope”. It’s all about stating your goals with true conviction, “I will achieve this goal”.

Create a Focus Plan


To turn your dreams into reality, you must create a focused plan. This will give you clear and concise direction which will help you track your progress and keep you on track. It will also help you to alter your attitude when obstacles or new opportunities arise.

Believe You Will Achieve


Whilst striving towards achieving your dreams, you will undoubtedly come across those who don’t agree with your goals or may even criticise your venture. This can even occur in your own head, but you must refuse to list to these voices. Tune out the critics, and believe in your potential. Work on yourself and the ability to believe in yourself and the steps you have mapped out to help you make your dreams a reality. You WILL get there!

Many people are scared and nervous about taking the necessary action to make their dreams come true… Fear is created in your mind so you must change the picture you have created in there to one of positive energy and positive outcomes.

Never Give Up


Believe in yourself, and get to know why you are working towards your goals (how will achieving these things impact your life and those around you?). Remind yourself of why you started and what you are working towards every day so you don’t lose sight of the dream and ultimate end goal. Refuse to let setbacks discourage you.

Setting yourself goals is the key to achieving your dreams. If you’re feeling pressures from all angles, check out Freedom Debt Relief to see how you can re-align yourself back to your goals. Save for those rainy day emergencies – everyone needs a break and to have some fun amongst setting those goals!

You WILL be successful!

Speak soon,

Jessica xo