The cold winter months really do call for some proper home comforts. Whether it be your favourite faux fur throw or the thickest and softest jumper you own – it’s the time of year that almost anything is acceptable so long as you’re warm and cosy.

It’s no secret that I’m a real sucker for staying at home a lot during the colder months of the year, purely because of warm home comforts. One of the main reasons for this is taking advantage of winter to catch up on sleep.

Sleep is of course a huge priority for everyone and so the environment in which we do this should be massively important too.

I really enjoy staying at stylish, comfortable and warm feeling hotels so creating this at home and for my clients is always a top priority!

In this week’s post, I’ve compiled the main three areas to focus on to make your bedroom look and feel like a hotel…

After all, who doesn’t want to come home to a luxurious bedroom to recharge those batteries?

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hotel bedroom design

Neutral and Natural Tones

The first thing to consider when looking into updating your bedroom design or decor is the colour palette. Colour has a massive impact on how we are made to feel within any space, and the bedroom should be no different.

Of course the bedroom is predominantly about sleeping… Relaxing, resting and a haven for many.

To create this atmosphere of relaxation and haven, a neutral palette of natural tones is the best place to start. Many luxury hotels use this approach to keep the spaces simple and sophisticated.

Try using lighter shades of your favourite colours. Blush pink, sage green, light blue, lilac, beige, creams…

Understated luxury is the way forward to good bedroom design.

hotel bedroom design


It wouldn’t be a well executed blog post of mine if an aspect of layering wasn’t involved in the design principles! This design principle and the next are quite closely connected as I’m going to be talking about the layering of textures.

Thinking about any room in your home as a layering exercise is the key to consistently well thought through interior design.

For the bedroom specifically though, the main layers are; underfoot, furniture, bedding and accessories.

Whenever you visit a hotel, the layering of bed linen and accessories is a key element to the execution of the design.

Try adding a velvet blend rug to the floor for underfoot comfort… Or a smaller pair of faux fur ones for either side of the bed.

For the bed linen, go for either the highest thread count you can afford or a set of sateen sheets.

To maximise your bed feeling like a hotel, opt for a fitted sheet, flat sheet, duvet cover and pillow cases. The colour variation is up to you, but I would recommend keeping it simple at this stage and add any colour in through the accessories.

The finishing touches in the bedroom should be uncomplicated. One decorative cushion per side is plenty. This is where you can add some colour.

hotel bedroom design


Lastly, many luxurious hotels use the art of layering to layer up textures within the main bedroom area.

At home you should consider this layering of textures as an opportunity to mix sateen sheets with faux fur or velvet.

Using soft, calm and homely textures in the bedroom is absolutely paramount to creating the perfect room to rest and sleep.

It is important to mention at this point that if you’re not a fan of velvet or sateen bed linen because you don’t find them soft, homely or warm, then stick to those textures that you do find comforting. We are all different and so what we associate comfort with can be different too, and that’s perfectly normal!

Use a combination of two or three textures that you personally find the most comforting and soft, and run with it.

hotel bedroom design

I hope you have enjoyed reading this post and picked up some ideas on how you can improve your bedroom design at home. It is definitely possible to re-create the homely and relaxing feeling of hotel rooms into your home.

How do you like to make your bedroom look and feel more relaxing? Share it with us in the comments below!

Until next time,

Jessica xo


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