Not everybody is trained to have a professional eye for interior decor designs. But that doesn’t mean you cannot spruce up your interior living space by yourself. There are many online articles about interior design – especially our Journal – where you can learn about how to create the perfect home.

Plus, mistakes are almost inevitable, and even the professionals have found themselves redoing decor options repeatedly. In one sense, decorating your interior living space should be about adding decor elements that you like and designs that make you feel comfortable. 

Conversely, it is also about making sure the design elements you choose fall into place, complement each other and flow seamlessly with your home’s general theme. And most people end up faltering with the second one.

So, are you thinking about enhancing your interior? Do you want to get your design spot on in your first attempt and save time and money? Here are some interior design mistakes to avoid…

Interior Design Mistakes to Avoid

Failing to Measure

You’ve probably relied on mental measurement at one point in your life when making a purchase. For example, you found something you loved at the store, so you bought it believing your mental calculation was correct, only to realise it doesn’t fit or isn’t to scale with your other existing items.

An essential aspect of getting your interior decoration on point is choosing elements that fit perfectly into the design space. From the right sofa size to artwork with the correct scale, getting your measurements right can make the world of difference to the overall finished interior. 

Additionally, taking the time to measure your spaces is an important planning step, as it will guide your purchasing options. That is especially important when it comes to large pieces of furnishings, artwork, and rugs. Get to know your space first of all so you can narrow down items to purchase.

Not Thinking About the Long-Term 

Are you in a hurry to decorate your home? Are you only thinking about changes that will benefit you immediately without considering the future? Then you’re probably making a huge mistake.

Interior decor can be hard work sometimes. And it is understandable if you want to get it over with as soon as possible. But unless you want to be making changes on a daily or weekly basis, you should take the time to think long-term. Being in a hurry will only lead to mistakes that may even cost you extra in the long run.

So, take the time to plan your decor. How much time? That will depend on the extent of work you need to do. But, it is best to ensure that you have all your measurements, colours, preferred additions, etc., all settled before you even start shopping. 

Not Preparing A Budget

It is vital to create a budget for your interior decor project. The extent to which you can make changes you want will depend on how much you can afford. And the last thing you want to do is break the bank to redesign your interior. So, before you even make up a list of things you need, find out how much you can afford. Preparing your budget will also help you decide what design elements to avoid. 

When creating a budget for your interior decor, it is essential to factor in any other improvements you might have to make to accommodate your new designs. For example, you may want to install automatic gate openers in addition to your new smart window curtains. Or you may want to add a new indoor plant to match your new coffee table. The point is to ensure that your budget covers every potential spending that will come with designing project. And most importantly is to ensure that you can afford them.

Bad Lighting

Unless you prefer living in a dark space, you shouldn’t always rely on overhead lighting or ignore additional lighting options. Your overhead lighting is excellent for generally brightening up your interior. But it hardly adds anything else, especially when it comes to ambience and function. Plus, it also ends up throwing off several shades or dark space in your home, depending on how many obstacles are in the way.

So, take the time to create different sources of light to serve both aesthetic and functional purposes. 

For example, a table lamp is perfect for nighttime reading as you wouldn’t need to turn on the overhead light. Plus, you can also pick out one that adds to the aesthetic appeal of your interior. You can also use lamps and candles to add an old-school touch to your space.

Another important thing is to ensure that you always allow enough natural light into your home. That means you should make sure that you do not end up blocking your windows, no matter your interior design choice.

Above all – don’t scrimp on your lighting costs, it’s a worthwhile investment in the long run.

Interior Design Mistakes to Avoid

Failing to Add Elements that Reflect Your Personality

You may want a home interior space that makes you comfortable and reflects who you are. One of the easiest ways to achieve this is to incorporate the details you love. From picking the colours you’re pleased with to selecting pieces of artwork that appeal to you, be sure to add design elements you want to come home to.

If you’re not sure what matches your personality, take some time to think about the things you enjoy and environments that speak to you the most. Do you want your lights super bright or a little dim? Do you like bright and bold colours or you prefer dull ones? What kind of art appeals to you? Do you want a contemporary setting, or does an old-school design still meet your fancy? These questions should help you find the correct design elements that flow with your personality.

Failing to Declutter

A decluttering attempt works in two main ways.

Sometimes, you may feel your interior space needs a complete makeover when all you need to do is get rid of some things to create space. An overcrowded interior always looks disorganised and even stuffy sometimes. So, make sure that you don’t have too many things going on in your space. If you do, your makeover may only require decluttering.

The second way has to do with your designing process. If your living space isn’t cluttered, ensure that you don’t over-design or bring too many things into it. Sometimes, less is more as far as interior design is concerned.

Failing to declutter is one of the most important interior design mistakes to avoid!

Interior Design Mistakes to Avoid

Have you been making these interior design mistakes? Make sure to avoid these interior design mistakes on your next home improvement project!

By hiring an interior designer you can avoid a huge amount of interior design mistakes, save time and money!