I’m sure for many of us it is a relief that 2020 has come to a close, and we can look ahead to a brighter 2021. And whilst Christmas looked very different for us all, I hope you’ve been able to make the most of it and spend some time at least, with your family.

Looking ahead into 2021, I want to share with you my thoughts on the interior trends for the New Year and what you’re likely to see more of (and equally as important – less of!). Generally speaking, I’m not one to follow seasonal interior design trends. They come and go far too often for most residential projects I work on and don’t always stick around. There are some trends that come in and stay for many months – and sometimes years! – which are more likely to have an affect on the design industry as a whole. From my point of view, interior design should be timeless and not something to come in and out of fashion.

You can read more about when and how to follow trends in my previous post.

Rather controversially then is this post on 2021 Interior Design Trends! However I won’t be covering trendy items from homeware shops, instead I have put together my thoughts on the bigger interior design trends that we will see in 2021… Such as colour changes, new finishes and other large impact elements that make up interior design.

Are you ready to take a closer look at the Interior Design Trends for 2021?

Let’s take a look!

Beige / Brown Tones


This is a topic I have been ranting and raving about since 2018… Literally. Whether it’s in this online Journal or my Instagram account – it’s out there – and if you’re a regular reader here you will have already heard some of my thoughts on this through these platforms.

Before we delve into this, feel free to check out my previous post on Beige Interior Trends and Natural and Neutral Interiors. And more recently, Gushing Over Greige: Dulux’s Colour of the Year 2021.

Over the last five plus years we have seen entirely-grey-interiors take over social media feeds. This originated from a much broader interior design trend at the time, and thanks to social media platforms, stayed fashionable to even now. If you take this trend back even further, you will find evidence of it in fashion design trends too before this. Normally what emerges in fashion, will eventually follow and filter through into interiors too.

Whilst social media is great if used correctly, I have seen many people get misdirected by what they see shared on these platforms in terms of interior design. All-grey-interiors are extremely cold, and actually lifeless in my opinion. Colour plays a huge role in successful interiors and monochrome colours are often associated with having a cold, depressed and dull feelings made subconsciously.

These are all reasons why there will be a huge shift in neutral colours, and henceforth the foundations to a warm and homely interior. The way to do this is by using colours with tones of beige or brown within them. If you’re still a grey-paint-everything fan, then opt for a deeper, red undertoned grey instead. Often people use greys with blue undertones which makes the colour feel even more cold. Use red undertones, and the feeling changes.

I think you will all agree when I say that this year has made us rethink our homes and how we want them to feel when we’re there, occupying the spaces. Creating a warm and inviting home has never been so sought after than this year and I believe many people will be looking to make this transition in the coming months.

interior design trends 2021

Plaster / Chalk Finishes


Another area of interior design that has become increasingly more popular, and will continue to do so this year, is rough plaster and chalk finishes. Gone are the days of plain painted walls or wallpaper… Now it’s becoming more about adding texture where you can and that also includes the walls of spaces.

Some of the most beautiful interiors – bathrooms in particular – that go viral on and from Pinterest and Instagram, are finished in a texture plaster finish instead of tiling. This creates a Balinese and spa like environment that in turn provides a healthier and more rejuvenating bathroom. And it’s actually no surprise that we will see this finish alongside chalk paints as a creative alternative to our walls.

Not only are bathrooms an area of the home where we will see these textural finishes used – the living room in particular will be a great area to experiment with these finishes.

interior design trends 2021
interior design trends
interior design trends 2021

Black Kitchens


Previously, many homeowners have steered clear of all-black kitchens in fear of being too monochromatic or visually harsh in their home… Or for the simple fact that using black as a colour in a kitchen is traditionally unheard of. The sleek and shiny white cabinets have been around for many years now and they’re definitely taking a backseat in 2021.

Black kitchens are beautiful when executed well within the space. One of the reasons many of us interior designers love black or indeed, dark kitchen cabinets, is because they help to ground the interior. Black cabinets feel and sit heavy within a space, making them appear prominent and strong.

Contrary to popular belief, black does in fact work very well with browns and beige tones that we mentioned earlier on. These warm tones help to soften the black materials used and help to avoid a harsh contrast of black and white.

My advice for making black kitchens work for you in your home is to use a warm brown worktop and complement this with a cream or light beige paint colour to the walls. Make a statement and consider using brass cabinet hardware and taps.

interior design trends
interior design trends black kitchen
interior design trends 2021

Bouclé Fabric


The next interior design trend of 2021 is Bouclé fabric. This is a woven fabric generally made from a rough, curly or knotted bouclé yarn. Different yarns can be used to create different outcomes; cotton, silk, linen etc. It’s great for upholstering sofas or armchairs because of the softness and comfort it provides. 

This type of fabric has been seen most notably on curved sofas and armchairs so far, but I have a feeling we’re going to see more creative uses for this fabric in 2021.

interior design trends 2021

Photo Credit – Lelievre Paris

interior design trends 2021

Photo Credit – Lelievre Paris

Fluted Detailing


Following on from the bouclé fabric, and the curved furniture trends we have seen over the last couple of years, fluted detailing goes hand in hand with this. This detailing is taking the ideas from curvaceous furniture and adding flutes or grooves to it.

While this is a relatively common detail for Italian furniture makers now, for us Brits we’re still embracing this newcomer. Fluted detailing on headboards, poufs and backs to armchairs are beautiful additions that adds character and interest to an otherwise simple piece.

This is not only great for furniture pieces, but other larger elements of an interior too. Think wall panelling, cabinets or cupboards and doors.

interior trends 2021

What do you think of these interior design trends for 2021? Do you agree with them or think there is more or less coming through over the next 12 months? I’d love to hear your thoughts in the comments below.

Personally I am really excited for these interior design trends for 2021 because they’re pushing the boundaries in a way that will enhance and uplift homes. My ultimate goal for any interior design project is to create a warm, welcoming and perfectly balanced home tailored to my clients. I’m looking forward to embracing some of these trends in my design projects this year.

Wishing you a happy and healthy 2021, speak soon.

Jessica xo