Life after quarantine may feel like a way off yet, and a little uncertain, but it’s good to start thinking about the possibilities and dreams you have post-Covid.

Travelling this year may well be difficult but it might not be impossible. If you’re a student and you’d had your heart set on travelling and studying abroad, then maybe you could be inspired by some destinations to go after lockdown is over. Perhaps you have been looking to change your career and you wanted to start travelling after your degree, you may have looked at diplomacy as a career and wanted to move into the world of promoting a better world in the future.

Today, I have gathered some great locations that would be wonderful for a new career choice or to further your studies and business abroad. They are inspirational suggestions for students and business people alike. If you have ever dreamed of travelling and working then there is still room to dream.

There are lots of jobs you can get abroad, some of which include working at embassies, teaching and plenty more but just in case you’re stuck with inspiration on where, then life after quarantine you can start planning the trip of a lifetime, at least now you have the time to do it and really think about how it can be done. Planning trips does take time and effort after all and will need to be budgeted in advance.

Let’s see where could be great places to be inspired for life after quarantine!

life after quarantine

[For further information on travel during the Covid-19 crisis you can click here to be further informed.]

Mountain Retreats & Remote Islands

After the excitement of the festive season, January can be a little miserable. So why not treat yourself to a winter break later this year? Embrace the plunging temperatures, or top up your tan with an exotic beach holiday.

If powdery slopes are your cup of tea, head to Canada, Switzerland or Austria. The French and Italian Alps are also perennial favourites for winter sports enthusiasts.

If you’re after a more sedate cold weather holiday, why not visit Slovenia’s magical gem, Lake Bled? Here you’ll find views comparable to scenes from a Disney film and a refreshingly relaxing pace of life.

Iceland and Finland are spectacular places to visit in the winter months, especially if you want to spot the Northern Lights. Keep an eye on the weather and aurora forecasts before you travel. These are big decisions to make. 

If grey days and chilly nights have got you dreaming of clear blue skies and sunshine, there are various options. The Canary Islands and Northern Africa offer pleasant climates during the winter. You’re also guaranteed a daily dose of vitamin D with long haul destinations like the Caribbean, Mauritius, and Australia.

life after quarantine

Tailor-Made Adventures

Why go on one holiday when you can embark on a tour of several destinations? If you’ve got the travel bug, take opportunities to explore whenever you can. Touring holidays, cruises and round the world trips are a great way to see the world. Rather than spending two weeks in the same place, you can travel around and experience a host of different locations.

You can tailor your ticket or customise your itinerary to suit your taste and budget. If you’re interested in a multi-stop holiday, you can learn more online. Research possible routes and start planning what you want to do at each port of call. These adventures can be made around any studies or jobs and be a great adventure still.

Bucket-List Favourites

The bucket list has become something of a phenomenon in the last few years. For many of us, travel features heavily on our list. If you’re thinking about travelling, why not tick off some of those places you’re desperate to visit?

Go swimming with dolphins in Mexico or whale watching in New Zealand.

Book a safari holiday in Kenya, Tanzania or South Africa.

Visit Machu Picchu or climb the Great Wall of China.

Visit Father Christmas in Lapland or hit the Las Vegas Strip. The world’s your oyster, so get out and see it in all its glory!

life after quarantine

There is a lot to look forward to and there are plenty of ways to look at a new career or studying abroad after this. Stay positive and focus on how great life after quarantine will be.

Have you started planning any holidays abroad for life after quarantine? I’d love to hear your ideas in the comments below!

Take care,

Jessica xo