I’m sure I speak for many us when I say that for most of this year I have been concerned about my elderly relatives. The coronavirus pandemic has hit the most vulnerable in society, the hardest; many of them have been shielding away from society for months on end in order to avoid catching the virus.

For this reason, many families have chosen to become carers and move their elderly relatives into their home, in order to provide the care they need and ensure they are not alone. In addition, some people are even going on to take Registered care manager CPD courses in order to provide expert care to those they love.

Making your Home Comfortable for Elderly

Making Your Home Comfortable For Elderly Relatives

Older people have more requirements than the young; perhaps their mobility is limited, they have other illnesses or ailments that give them pain. For this reason, it’s important to make some minor modifications so you can make your home feel more accessible and comfortable for your elderly guests. These range between renovation changes to small alterations to the structure or layout of your home to suit the needs of your loved one.

Here are three ways to make your home more comfortable for elderly relatives…

  1. Keep All the Essentials on One Floor

One thing that many older people with mobility issues struggle with is stairs. Constantly going up and down the stairs can be hard on the knees, hips and back. Plus, if a person’s balance is not at its full capacity, there is the risk that they could fall. For this reason, keeping all the essentials – such as the bed, bathroom, kitchen and a place to relax and watch TV – on one floor alleviates the need to go up and down stairs. This will make your relative’s life easier and give you the peace of mind that they are safe.

  1. Invest in Firm Pillows

As we get older, our core muscles become weaker and less effective in holding our skeleton upright. This means that when sitting or lying down, elderly people’s muscles and bones may become more easily sore and uncomfortable. One solution for this is to invest in some memory foam or other appropriately firm pillows for your loved ones. These will help fully support an elderly person’s body and help them stay comfortable for longer. Particularly if they have low mobility and therefore spends a lot of their time sitting or lying down, these pillows will be a game-changer!

  1. Warm Things Up

Elderly people typically feel colder more easily than young people. So for this reason, it might be helpful to warm up your home. Many people don’t like their homes to feel stuffy or overheated, so make sure you strike a balance by warming it up to just the right temperature. In addition to turning up the heat, you could supplement the warmth of your home with extra-warm blankets, double glazed windows and rugs on hard floors to make the whole place cosier. 

Making your Home Comfortable for Elderly

Overall, taking care of those we love sometimes requires some compromise. Use this helpful guide to make your home comfortable and welcoming for an elderly relative!

Take Care!

Jessica xo