Ahhh… What a relief it is to have the Summer in sight, and hopefully the cold and wet Winter behind us now! With Spring well on its way as we transition into March, and the endless scrolling through the new interior accessories pages of online shopping, I wanted to share my favourite new Spring 2020 Accessories that are fit for every home. There is something for everyone!

What is important to remember when styling your home, less is always more… And layering is a powerful way of combining complimentary items. As we transition through the seasons, it’s a good opportunity to reevaluate the current styling and pieces within your home and try to incorporate something new.

Within this post, I have compiled the new and exciting interior accessories which I am sure will fit into almost any type of home… Whilst one type of accessory may not be to your taste, another area may be more your style. I always like to remind clients that it is important to try new styles once in a while – step out of that comfort zone – and see how you get on. You might surprise yourself!

Are you ready to explore the New Spring 2020 Accessories?

new spring 2020 accessories

Circular Objects

Since the furniture fair in Milan last year, we have seen round / circular objects and furniture slowly creep into the interior design world… And more recently I have been aware of this within the interior accessories category too so I really wanted to showcase my favourites.

Whether it’s a round, but interestingly shaped ceramic vase, or sculptures, round objects are definitely something we will be seeing more of. Plus, circular objects are great for adding interest to any display area and perfect for layering with other accessories you might already have.

My personal favourites include: 


Brass is very much a gold tone, and it is a very personal thing for someone to say whether they are a “gold” or “silver” person in terms of their fashion choices. And being a “silvery” person (in personal, fashion and jewellery terms), which is perhaps slightly cynical of me, I have always associated myself as being a chrome person for my home interior especially because of this…

That being said though, some of the best and most beautiful interiors feature metal finishes of brass. I have also worked very successfully on client’s projects where bronze has been the metal finish used throughout, which works extremely well to give any luxury space an “edge”. So I admit – albeit quite foolishly – I have only come around to the fact of using brass in interiors through my client’s projects.

In terms of Spring 2020 interior accessories, brass has recently been becoming more and more spoken about and seen within many brands’ Spring/Summer campaigns. Brass as a finish itself gives a very luxurious and expensive look to any space.

Using brass through picture frames, sculptures, even the trims to key furniture pieces can lift any space and give it that luxe appeal. Brass it best paired with deep and rich tones of colour such as; cobalt or navy blue, emerald green or black.

Some of my favourites in this category:

Textured Pieces

Looking more at the modern farmhouse vibe of interiors, particularly the rising trend of Australian interior design, textured accessories are becoming more and more popular with homeware brands. I love adding texture to any interior, and by having textured pieces to accessorise a space with can be a simple yet effective way of adding texture to any home. And it certainly won’t break the bank!

I’ve spoken about adding texture into spaces over on my Instagram a lot, and it doesn’t have to break the bank. By adding different textured textile pieces such as cushions and throws which offset the sofa or armchair fabric, you can create an interesting layer of texture. For interior accessories, it’s no different! 

Take a peak at my favourite textured accessories:

new spring 2020 accessories
Amara – Vertical Slice Object

Pastel and Spring Tones

This interior trend comes around time and time again, but there is something to be said about having Spring interior accessories up your sleeve each year. By storing seasonal accessories, you can rotate your styling throughout the year so whenever you have guests over, there’s something different! It also means you’re less likely to get bored of anything…

This year however, there is more yellow / burnt orange based accessories than I have ever seen before! Making it super easy to dress any space for Easter celebrations at home.

Additionally, blush pink, pale blues and sage green are all popping up for this current shift in season. I am favouring sage green over the others because it can be such a versatile colour to accessories with. Plus, it goes with almost any neutral base palette you might already have going on in your home.

Check out some of my favourites:

I hope you have enjoyed reading through the new Spring interior accessories for your home in this post!

Which accessories are your favourite from this post? I’d love to hear your thoughts in the comments below!

Speak soon,

Jessica xo