Once, the people who opted for a bright pink entrance door were considered bold and eccentric… Now though, more of us than ever are embracing the fun. Bold front doors are becoming the next big thing.

It’s easy to see why, too. Once you’ve mastered creating a welcoming hallway, you need your front door to say the first hello, and in the right way from outside. It’s undeniable that a house with a bright entrance door goes that bit further towards catching the eye. In fact, if you want to finally master your home’s exterior, this could be the best direction for you.

That said, when you go bold, it can be easy to go wrong. These days there is a fine line between balance and too much colour so it’s important that this is well considered.

Let’s take a look at what to consider before rushing into a bright front door…

Choosing Your Colour


This is probably the hardest decision to make in any interior, let alone for your new front door! Being bold inside is becoming more recognised and easier to balance. Similarly we are seeing that the bolder you go, the better success you stand to see because it is so unexpected. Choosing a bright colour anywhere is a big decision and shouldn’t be rushed – take your time.

For front doors, you should consider this like any other home improvement project. Get tester pots of paint, and try things out before you settle on something. It is important to consider how your door colour will compliment the surrounding exterior. Does it work well with your brightwork, or is there a clash? Particularly with red brick – you’re more likely to create a clash here.

So in terms of colours, pink and yellow have become favourite options – they both make your exterior really pop. Whereas shades of blue can be considered safe. If you’re nervous about going all out, settle for something like a moss green. It’s bright without being too bold. This could be a fantastic middle-ground before deciding to go all the way.

Either way, slow and steady wins the colour race here, so make sure you don’t rush into a decision!

bright entrance door

High Quality Door


Let’s have an honest conversation here… How long did you spend choosing a front door? Was that decision governed by cost? It’s an aspect of any house that can often be overlooked and the cheapest option wins.

But, that will soon change when you go bold. Suddenly, that front door will become a critical aspect of your home, and you can bet everyone will notice it. Unfortunately, everyone will know if you’ve opted for a cheap choice here. Plus, a simplistic door won’t have half as much of the impact you’re aiming for. Instead, invest in a high-quality door from a company like George Hill Timber. That way, you can ensure your bright colour, and your door itself do you proud. You’ll want to shout loud and proud!

Complementary Pieces and Maintenance


Now you have a great quality door, you should also put some effort into keeping it clean. This isn’t something many of us consider in the home because often the front door looks out for itself. Dark doors hardly show the dirt, but your bold and bright one will be completely different. In fact, you may find that you’re out there at least once a day wiping the dirt off! Just a quick wipe down with a wet cloth a few times a week should do the trick at keeping the colour bright. It’s less than a minute’s work, and it could make a massive difference to your door’s wow factor.

As with any bold decor choice, a bright front door will look even better if you introduce complementary pieces. What you choose here is up to you, but it really could finish your door off. After all, a solo bright door will look good but could seem a little lacking. Instead, consider introducing complementary pots on the doorstep to complete the picture. You could even invest in a door knocker or letterbox which are complimentary. How good would a green knocker look on a bright red door? This is the part where you can have a little fun and make sure that bright door has as much impact and character as possible.

bright entrance door


I hope this post has inspired you to consider being bold with your front door! Have you enjoyed reading this post? What colour have you painted your front door? Please let me know in the comments below!

See you again soon!

Jessica xo


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