It’s that beautiful time of year again…

The seasons are gradually transitioning into warmer and longer days; summer is finally on it’s way.

Whilst we still have these colder and more wintery days / nights, Spring Cleaning is an old tradition that allows us to take this time to freshen up our homes. This enables us to get a head-start on the busier times that occur in Spring and Summer months.

If you’re someone like me, who has always loved the idea of Spring Cleaning the house but you’ve never truly known how to do this effectively… (Or very well…)

Then this post is definitely for you!

I have collated the best principles for Spring Cleaning your house to perfection…

In some ways cleaning is similar to styling your home, so I want to deep dive into the true art of Spring Cleaning in this post.

Let’s get started!

Spring Cleaning made easy

Realistic Expectations

Many people love the idea of completely decluttering and cleaning their home from top to bottom in only a day.

I’m sorry to break it to you, but that’s possibly the most ineffective way of Spring Cleaning your home. This particularly applies if you lead a busy lifestyle.

Before embarking on your Spring Cleaning, make sure you evaluate the time you have and what your ultimate goal is. What do you want to achieve by decluttering and cleaning the house from top to bottom?

You may initially have a whole day or weekend that you plan to achieve this all in. But if you’ve managed to collect a lot of belongings or have a large house, you may need to rethink this. If there is a lot, think about how you can use your evenings and other weekends to really get everything properly sorted.

Having these realistic expectations set from the start will make this a more enjoyable process.

Spring Cleaning made easy

Room by Room vs. Categories

The most effective way to Spring Clean your home is room by room.

However there are some items that can be cleaned in every room. Such as windows, their sills, cleaning or dusting surfaces, hoovering, stain removal from floors – the list goes on!

Use room checklists to help you keep on track and to make sure you don’t forget anything.

Anything you clean on a more regular basis – feel free to skip – but make sure they are still part of your regular cleaning routine.

Spring Cleaning made easy

Clear the Clutter and Organise

This is the biggest aspect of Spring Cleaning.

Take advantage of this natural Spring urge to get rid of any items that are weighing you down. Begin afresh with a more streamlined lifestyle.

Try decluttering your home by categorising your belongings into four categories. Bin, for charity, store or put away.

Cleaning the home when all the clutter is gone will be much easier! And needless to say, you will feel so much better for it.

If you haven’t already checked out my post on decluttering and freshening up your home – I’d highly suggest you do! I explain the four key ways of effectively decluttering.

Spring Cleaning made easy

Practice New Cleaning Habits

After you have properly decluttered your home from belongings you no longer need, you can finally clean! There’s no point cleaning around stuff if you don’t like those objects / things or you plan to get rid of them at some point. Having decluttered and re-organised things before you start cleaning, it will make this so much easier!

Whilst you’re cleaning room-by-room, it is a great opportunity to establish new cleaning habits. This can also make the next daunting task of Spring Cleaning much easier.

Try breaking cleaning down into a series of 1 – 2 minute tasks. These can then build up into a quick 15 minute cleaning routine you can practice every few days following the big Spring Clean.

Not only does this help to finish the Spring Cleaning efficiently, this helps to form new cleaning habits for the rest of the year too.

Many people dread cleaning, or simply don’t have the time! So by seeing it as a quick 15 minute blast every few days (focusing on different tasks each day), your house would be spotless by the time the weekend comes back around.

Spring Cleaning made easy

I really hope you have enjoyed reading this post! These simple principles of Spring Cleaning can be applied over a series of weekends or evenings to help simplify your belongings and cleaning habits.

How do you like to “Spring Clean” your home? Have you got any other ideas which could help others? Please share them below in the comments! We’d love to hear from you.

Until next time,

Jessica xo


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