As December is well and truly upon us, Christmas is drawing closer and closer. It may seem a little way off for most but in my opinion you can never been too prepared for anything in life…

So today I’d like to share my top styling principles and ideas for this year’s Christmas Dinner. I’ve separated this post into three sections which I believe make up the perfectly styled table for Christmas Day.

Without further ado, here’s the Art of Styling, Christmas Day style…

Before we get going, have you seen my other Christmas Styling post on how to prepare your home for guests this Christmas?


christmas table styling


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Ahh, one of my favourite ways to perfect any design or styling in the home; layering.

In this instance though, I’d like to talk you through how to layer your Christmas dinner table. This really is the key principle to styling your Christmas dining table to perfection.

Of course, good preparation needs to be made to the table. Having a foam or water resistant sheet as the base to the table will help to soak up any inevitable spillages. Following this would be a tablecloth of your choice. Traditionally white has been used, but opting for something more interesting could create a real twist…



Next, pick out your favourite place matts or large serving plate. For Christmas I always like to add some sparkle (after all it is Christmas and you can’t really go too wrong with this!) so I normally pick something out that has a bit of sparkle and that will help frame the rest of the plates layered on top.



To finish of the layers, add your napkins. Use simple yet elegant napkin rings to hold them in place on top of the plates to show ultimate styling flair.

Amara, Radford Set of 2 Napkin Rings

Boste Copenhagen, Set of 6 Nickel Napkin Rings

Then, to finish off the table, it is important to style the centre…


Centre Stage


Firstly, no matter what shape or style dining table you use or piece together for Christmas, the centre piece is one of the key aspects to styling your table to perfection.

If you have a circular or oval dining table, you may prefer to create a centrepiece that is more circular in shape. Typically this could be a clear glass vase filled with Christmas plants (such as pine, cones and berries) and accessories or a freshly lit Christmas scented candle with greenery surrounding.



For rectangular or long tables, the perfect centrepiece for these are linear and thin arrangements of Christmas plants. You can mix this style up with candles or elegant candlesticks.



This year, I’m absolutely loving the more traditional inspired dining table set up using typical Christmas plants and accessories for the centrepiece. Lots of festive foliage with cones and berries, candles and a little sparkle for good measure… Try using baubles to add a little glitz to your table!


The Utensils


Of course one of the most important aspects of your Christmas table set up is what you and your guests will be using not only to serve the food but eating and drinking too!

And as always, consistency is key. Unless you have a separate table for the children (to make more room at the big table for us adults) all the cutlery, serving spoons and glassware should be consistent throughout.

Make sure you have plenty of serving dishes available, you can never have too many! From the pre-lunch nibbles to the variety of vegetables or meats, it’s important to have a lot of these just in case.

Here are my top picks at the moment for the ultimate Christmas Day tableware set up at home…


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LSA International, Serve Circle Dish (use code JH_LSA20 for 20% off!)


LSA International, Serve Cheese Set and Oak Base (use code JH_LSA20 for 20% off!)


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I hope this post has inspired you to make the most of styling your Christmas Dining Table this year! What style do you normally opt for for Christmas? And how do you like to layer up your styling for Christmas Day? Share it with us in the comments below!

All the best,

Jessica xo



Layering, Sarah Sherman Samuel –

Centre Stage, One Fab Day –

Centre Stage, Attsamla –

Centre Stage, Homey Oh my –

Centre Stage, Elle France –