The perfect addition to any hallway, dining room or even living room has got to be a feature console table. There are so many different styles of consoles these days – modern and contemporary, Scandinavian and even antique / statement consoles are becoming extremely popular.

One of the hardest parts of buying new pieces of furniture is knowing exactly how to style them. That’s where this post comes in… I go into the four main areas of styling a console table and give you the best advice and top tips on how to style them like a professional.

Throughout this post, I have added lots of inspirational console set ups and tried to add as many of my favourite styling items and accessories for you to take inspiration for your own styling. By clicking on product images you will be directed straight to that website / product for ease!

Are you ready to get started?

The art of styling console tables with layering

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First up – it’s important to get your layering right with any accessories you decide to display on your console table. As previously mentioned in my Styling Coffee Tables post, it is far better to keep the styling simple, elegant yet relevant to you as a person (or family).

Of course, it does depend on the style of console table you have as to whether layering books, trays and vases are appropriate for the size. For instance if your console table has a main top surface and a shelf underneath, the shelf is the perfect opportunity to add some books, magazines, candles or baskets. This is layering. You can read more about this here.

It is good to have a secondary layer on top of the main surface – this may become a key book or magazine. Then you can add things like vases, flower arrangements, candles and lamps.

Styling console tables with layering



Ahhh, my favourite word when it comes to interior design!! Symmetry and the art of creating a balance. Not only is this important for rooms as a whole, but this is equally so for the furniture and styling of them too.

On the wall above a console table it is good to feature a beautiful painting or even a mirror to really frame the space where the table is below.

The next area of symmetry is with the items you display – let’s go into the main items that work well on a console table.

How to style console tables through symmetry

Feature Lamps


Potentially the most common accessory to style your console table with is a feature lamp. This is one area of your home where you can really add something elegant, tall and quirky. Why not make a statement? If you are lucky enough to have a wide console table it may even be suitable to have a second lamp too.

Lamps are a lovely additional layer of ambience to living spaces. They aren’t intended to be used to read with, but they provide a key level of atmosphere.

Here are some of my recommendations specifically for console tables in mind

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Floral Arrangements & Vases


There is a sophistication about displaying stunning vases and in-season flowers. Just like on your coffee table, it’s important to have flowers that are in-season. A cost effective solution is by growing a collection of good quality faux florals that you can bring out each year, and build the collection.

On the opposite side of your console table, it’s good to out balance a feature lamp with a tall vase. Depending on the design of the vase depends whether it needs filling. A vase that is intricately made, quite special in appearance tend not to need any flowers within. I would recommend simple vases, however, get filled in some way.

Some fantastic vases available at the moment…

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I hope you have enjoyed reading and learning more about styling console tables as much as I have enjoyed putting this post together! Have you got a console table at home? Share your styling accessories with us below in the comments, we would love to hear from you!

Until next time!

Jessica xo