I have wanted to write this blog post for a long time now, as Australian interior design and architecture has influenced many of the projects I have worked on during my career. Australian interior design will no doubt always have an influence on not only the aesthetics of projects moving forward, but for ethical reasons such as their way of life too.

Of course, with their lifestyle around wellbeing and nurturing, it’s no surprise that many of their design principles revolves around this. And for anyone in the UK or USA, I’m sure this is something we can all be envious of! Many a weekend I have wished there were some beautiful beaches or islands to venture off to… (We can but dream!)

Amongst all the uncertainty in the world right now, I’ve been indulging in research around what truly makes great interior design, for the better of us, humans. My manifesto in interior design has and will always be, around the human emotions and how an interior can influence these emotions for the better. Creating an interior that not only looks sensational, but one that evokes a strong connection with its inhabitants is my greatest priority as a designer.

That’s why this week, I am sharing with you my Top 5 Australian Interior Design and Architecture studios that continue to inspire me and provide an extremely high bar in terms of quality output to strive towards, and shatter in time.

I hope you enjoy!

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Conrad Architects

It will come as no surprise for some that Conrad Architects is at the top of my Australian Interior Design list… And I know what you must be thinking – they are by name an architect’s practice – but stay with me on this one! They believe “in the power of architecture and interior design to enhance our lives and the cities in which we live.” This opening sentence of their website, defining their design philosophy, has had me hooked to their work since the first time I visited their absolutely stunning website.

Conrad Architects approach projects with contemporary design using principles of space, light and proportion. This is apparent in all of their projects. Their projects “marry characteristics of classic architecture with an aesthetic that is…contemporary and distinguished.” *swoon*

As some of you may know from following this Blog and my Instagram account, creating timeless design is always at the forefront of my personal design process. This is no different for Conrad Architects as they “pursue a design aesthetic underpinned by timeless qualities that resists trends.” [ inserts clapping Emoji ]

Alexander & Co.

Secondly, Alexander & Co, a design agency based in Sydney strives to provide the highest conceptual and strategic thinking in their work. With a driven and passionate team of architects, interior designers and marketers, they challenge ideologies around our built environment. All of this is apparent through their impeccable finished projects that form a comprehensive portfolio of residential, retail and commercial projects.

The studio’s ‘why’ for the work they do is to “foster a market leading agency for design and culture creation, where the product of our practice is both spatial, community and philanthropic.”

Fiona Lynch

Another top interior design firm in Australia is the studio ran by the award-winning Director, Fiona Lynch. The studio is renowned for their artistic approach to design, working across sectors in residential, hospitality, commercial, hotel and retail. Their work is celebrated for, “its emotive sensibility to materiality and light.”

What I love most about this interior design studio is that they reference human emotion within their approach to design. Something I have always stood by as a designer myself, is that the emotion one feels when they walk into an interior is the most important consideration and overall outcome of any project. They “seek to address human emotion, create atmosphere, show rigour and restraint, and above all – pursue beauty.” This can be seen in many of their projects as they strive to inspire better living.

Hare + Klein

Similarly to the first time I stumbled upon the website for Conrad Architects, when I first found the work by Hare + Klein I was in utter owe of the beauty and considerations made with their designs. The one thing that stands out to me through their work is the combination of texture, warmth, comfort and nods to the client’s personality.

As exclusive interior designers, the team at Hare + Klein collaborate with architects, landscapers and builders to create some of the most gorgeous projects. Working on residential and commercial projects, their portfolio is quite substantial and really shows a strong design language throughout.

Greg Natale

Probably more on the eclectic side of interior design, is Greg Natale and his powerhouse of a company… Not only do they work on interior and architectural projects, they have an online Shop that showcases the best of interior accessories and home fragrance. Natale is best known for his “masterly use of pattern and colour, and his bold application of both in creating tailored, glamorous and sophisticated spaces.”

Their projects certainly reveal spaces with strong personalities that are carefully curated and executed. Martyn Lawrence Bullard has said that Natale’s work is, “…inspiring many to be true to themselves, to be more adventurous with pattern, and to live life to the fullest through fun and totally fabulous design.” This is definitely something we should all be adhering to!

There you have it! A round up of my favourite 5 Australian interior designers… What do you think? I’d love to hear your thoughts in the comments below!

Jessica xo