With Winter well and truly in clear view, it’s time to start thinking about how your home can transition into the new season too. This year, there seems to be more of an emphasis on interior decor… And the Wreath is undoubtedly becoming one of the most spoken about accessory that is inspiring us all.

One British influencer whom recently shared her gorgeous new Autumnal Wreath on Instagram, is now definitely doing the rounds on social media… (And you can see why!! Image shared below)

Winter Interior Accessory you need to know about
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With many of us starting to retreat into our homes for the colder months, I think we start to become more creative and open to ideas for our home decor for the Winter. The Wreath is definitely something to get creative with!

I too, am incredibly inspired and fond of the Wreath. However, like most other people only see the Wreath as being a traditional accessory hung outside front doors over Christmas. With my mum hanging one out every year growing up, it’s one of my favourite memories from my childhood (as well as all the other Christmas decorations of course!)

Wreaths, in English speaking countries, are traditionally used as household ornaments. Or indeed hung outside front doors over the Christmas period. But by definition, a Wreath is, “An assortment of flowers, leaves, fruits, twigs, or various materials that is constructed to form a ring.”

The Wreath does have significant meaning – it’s circular shape represents eternity, for it has no beginning and no end. The evergreen, most frequently used in making wreaths, symbolises growth and everlasting life.

In this post, I really want to explore the more modern and contemporary ways of incorporating a Wreath into your home. And don’t worry! It’s not all about those Christmas or wintery inspired Wreaths, I focus on sharing ideas for all the seasons

For all the seasons except for Winter (when it’s most commonly hung on your front door), smaller wreaths can be made for centre pieces to dining tables, or even used at the base of candles to add a unique personality to the interior.

Are you ready to dive in?

the transitional interior accessory
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This year’s hottest new interior accessory lends itself extremely well for the Winter months. Not only for the Christmas period, you can adapt the leaves, dried berries and fruits that get added to the wreath to suit any season. 

Starting with Autumn, try opting for pieces that have Autumnal colourings such as Orange, Reds, Yellows and Browns. It’s even better if you can use leaves or foliage that are within the Seasonal Harvest at this particular time.

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TOP TIP : Add mini pumpkins for the ultimate Autumnal wreath. 

the transitional interior accessory
Photo Credit – Unknown
Photo Credit – Unknown


Of course, for Winter the immediate go-to are Christmas inspired Wreaths which take design cues from red berries, holly leaves, acorns and fir trees. 

It’s relatively straightforward to transition your Autumnal wreath to Winter by swapping out one or two of the detail foliage or berries. For example, swap out some of the Orange or Yellow pieces (or the Pumpkins) for some Gold accents and more wintery related foliage such as acorns.

Add Red ribbon or leaves for the ultimate wintery wreath…

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Photo Credit – The Rose Shed
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Spring is one of my favourite seasons… Finally the mornings start to warm up, the bulbs start to bloom and line the streets. It’s the Season of Growth and pure natural beauty.

For your wreaths at home, this is a great opportunity to introduce those beautiful Spring flowers to the ring. Think tulips and daffodils… Paired with some rich green foliage as a base.

Photo Credit – Home Ideas
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Photo Credit – Etsy
Photo Credit – Etsy


Similarly to the Spring Wreaths, the transition to Summer is simply modifying the flowers or key accents to be inline with those Seasonal crops and flowers. For the Summer, think citrus fruits, greenery and bright coloured flowers.

For a minimal approach, consider using Eucalyptus or keeping the foliage to only one singular type.

transitional interior accessory
Photo Credit – Coo Decor
the wreath - a transitional interior accessory
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Photo Credit – The Rose Shed

Of course – you can be as creative as your imagination allows when it comes to Wreaths!! There are infinite possibilities and thousands of ideas shared on Pinterest so don’t be afraid to try something different this year and create your own Wreath!

I hope you’ve not only enjoyed reading and seeing the ideas shared within this post, but that it has inspired you as well.

Do you make your own Wreaths? Or perhaps you’re yet to start making your own? I would love to hear your thoughts and where you’re at in the Comments Below!

Take Care,

Jessica xo