Okay… So you’ve decided to embark on a home improvement project, some DIY or other large renovation project. And those feelings of excitement and joy have started to slow up, being replaced by some anxiousness. Coping through a large renovation project can seem like a heavy task.

This is perfectly normal! It is quite often the case that with a big project there will be some element of stress and anxiousness involved. Unfortunately, it’s inevitable because of either, the scope, the scale or impact it has on your everyday life. It’s hard, and can be tough on the family too.

Therefore, I wanted to share with you my Top 3 Tips for coping through a large renovation project. These tips are also worth noting for any other DIY, large or small home improvement projects too!

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coping through a large renovation project
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Keep It Organised

One of the simplest things that you can do straight away, is keep organised.

There is nothing worse than not knowing what’s going on, when it’s going on, or even why it’s going on! Through a process like this, things can change at the drop of a hat, which is why you need to be as on top of things as you possibly can.

Keeping yourself and the entire process organised is one of the only ways that you’re going to be able to maintain some of your everyday life. So, to keep it organised, you should be looking at having some kind of plan in place.

Write down what is going on at each stage of the process, and then tick it off as you go along. You can even add in things like delivery dates, tradespeople you have booked in and when, and an idea of your expenditure.

You might not realise it right now, but it’s going to be a huge help and you can find some more advice on keeping it organised on a site like https://www.windermere.com

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Remember; It’s A Process

One thing that you’ve got to remember is that it is, in fact, a process.

It’s not going to be completed overnight. Everything isn’t going to look good until the end, and you’ve got to have the patience to wait for this.

If you are expecting everything to be done quickly, then you’ve got to change your expectations sooner rather than later. You’re only going to run yourself ragged with your expectations if you don’t keep in mind that things will happen over a period of time.

Let things progress how they should, and always remember that just because it doesn’t look the way you want it to right now, doesn’t mean that it won’t.

Hire The Help You Need

Finally, make sure that you are hiring the help you need. This is going to take a lot of stress out of the picture for you. An example of this will be if you have a lot of rubbish. You should look at a site like www.samedayrubbishremoval.com.au who will be able to get rid of your rubbish for you! 

There are also plenty of other services that you might need, such as electricians, plumbers, roofers, painters, decorators and so on.

Finding all of these people might feel like it takes forever, but once everything is in place, you’re going to be thankful that you did!

coping through a large renovation project
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I hope you have found this blog post on coping through a large renovation project helpful, and now understand some of the ways you can get through it.

Are you currently undergoing a large renovation project? I’d love to hear all about it in the comments section below!

Good luck!

Jessica xo