It’s the middle of July 2020, and the lockdown restrictions here in the UK have well and truly eased off. Most shops and services have now reopened with only night clubs and children’s play parks remaining closed. 

Let’s be real for a second though… 2020 has been a hell of a year! A whirlwind in fact. For many more reasons than one, I am sure you’ll agree. And we’re only in July… There’s five more months of this year and I don’t think any of us really know what the outcome is going to be. Or where it will leave us and the economy in terms of the Global Pandemic. 

We have all had to alter the way we live this year, one way or the other. And to something so alien and foreign to us that now, however, it seems crazy and a little scary that “normal” would even be considered again.

We have to realise that through this time in lockdown, we have experienced life without our, now seemingly, everyday luxuries. Such as; shopping freely and openly, sitting in restaurants with hundreds of others or even just our family and friends, and actually leaving our homes to see others.

Although those everyday luxuries were taken from us, we were forced to spend more time reflecting on what our lives were once like, before any of this ever happened.

I believe this whole lockdown situation has made us all rethink and re-evaluate a lot about our everyday lives and actually think about what was sustainable, or not. We have all had to completely slow down. And for many I’m sure this was a hugely welcomed relief, all whilst being hugely “inconvenient”. For the safety and health of others more vulnerable than ourselves, it was imperative

Photo Credit – Karl Bewick

This blog post is an AD, in association with Femme Luxe Finery.

So now what?

We must now embrace this so-called “new normal” with open arms. For it is for our own safety and health, as well as for everyone else around us.

But what IS this so-called “new normal”? Well, it looks very different for all of us…

Some are happy to continue with a form of “lockdown”, although more flexible with who we can meet with outdoors. Whilst there are some who can’t wait to go back to every restaurant, bar and leisure facility. 

There is no right or wrong between the two. It is about what is right for you personally

It is bound to look different for all of us, because we’re different people with very different traits, personalities and emotional responses. No two of us are the same (apart from twins maybe).

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One way I have been looking at this new transition is through the clothing I wear. Throughout the first 2-3months of true lockdown, I spent 99% of the time in some form of loungewear. 

So, this is me in all my loungewear glory!! Which I have LIVED in during lockdown, since March…

transitioning to a new normal
Loungewear Set – Femme Luxe Finery

And in a bid to get more comfortable with wearing “normal” clothes (and eventually “going out” attire) it only seemed right to pair a basic bodysuit with cargo trousers. Wear trainers to begin with, then switch them out to heels for a “nearly there” going out look. I love it because it’s so versatile!

transitioning to a new normal
Cargo Trousers – Femme Luxe Finery
Bodysuit (similar) – ASOS
Heels (similar) – Missguided

Then, it’s about keeping a formal look simple to begin with. I won’t be going “all out” again straight away because I very much am sitting in the “happy to be inside” stage still and limit my social interactions, for the safety and health of my family.

So by keeping it simple, I’m loving this modern take on a classic LBD. The structured shoulder pad on the one sleeve gives it a real edge. Best styled with a slicked back ponytail, minimal jewellery and your favourite pair of heels. 

How will you be transitioning back into the “new normal”? How are you finding transitioning to a new normal? I’d love to hear your thoughts on this in the comments below!

Love always,

Jessica xo