Updating bathrooms… They’re not the most talked or written about rooms on the internet but it’s a room that should be cared about and updated just as often as any other room in the house. After all, we spend a very long time in them over the course of a lifetime!

Remodelling or even just refitting an entire bathroom is not only an extremely expensive task, but time consuming too. That being said, bathrooms can look dated or tired quite quickly if not well maintained or updated from time to time. There are however, some inexpensive ways you can update your bathroom so it looks fresh but doesn’t break the bank.

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Let’s take a closer look at the four main areas you can update your bathroom on a budget…




What can be a relatively easy and cost effective solution to updating any bathroom is the tiling. In many cases your tiling is perfectly fine and won’t need replacing!

Over the years, the grout between the tiles gets dirty and if they don’t get cleaned regularly they can become pretty gross… This can make the whole room look gloomy and dated. Try having a really good clean of the grout first before deciding whether the whole room needs re-tiling. All you need is a mixture of baking soda, water and a few drops of vinegar (visit www.apartmenttherapy.com for a full guide).

If you do re-tile any area of your bathroom, be sure to consider injecting some colour in the room!

Another way to uplift your bathroom is by updating the flooring from a linoleum floor or carpet to proper tiling… If you go for real stone tiling or marble then it can cost you the Earth but it doesn’t need to! There are some exceptional porcelain tiles which look fantastic. Check out Mandarin Stone for some cost effective solutions.



Another simple way of updating your bathroom is by re-painting your existing bathroom cabinets. Particularly if they are wooden they can start peeling and even cracking over time. If this happens, there’s no need to necessarily replace the whole cabinet – they just need a fresh coat of paint. It’s a simple process to sand them off and paint them again to completely lift the cabinet. By doing this, and adding a fresh coat to the walls as well – you’ve already created yourself a whole new room!

Alternatively, if your bathroom is small in size and the cabinets you have feel like they overcrowd the space – change the doors / cabinet fronts to mirrors. This will not only brighten the whole room up but make it feel much bigger.

updating your bathroom with new cabinets

Fixture Updates


Unless your bathroom is extremely dated (8+ years) replacing the sink or toilet is an immensely expensive task. Instead, why not consider replacing the taps with high quality ones? (You can find great quality ones from somewhere like www.tapwarehouse.com) The fixtures and finishing touches make the room more exciting so this is a cost effective solution worth looking into. Other inexpensive fixtures to update are the flush handle or button, handles and lighting.

Decorative Accessories


As always, it’s the finishing touches that really make an interior come alive. The bathroom should be no different. Adding plants is one of the easiest way to do this in bathrooms. They are an added bonus to any room because of the additional colour and vibrancy they provide. They can often take the focus away from other fittings or fixtures in the room that may not be in the best condition.

There is a tendency to fit bathrooms out with “boxy” or square sanitary-ware, and if this is the case for you, I would highly recommend adding a round mirror above the sink to counteract this!

Updating your bathroom with decorative accessories


Have you recently updated your bathroom? Share below in the comments! We’d love to hear more about your project.

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