We all deserve a break every now and again, and a true break is anything that means you feel refreshed at the end of it. For some people that may mean staying at home, catching up with the house work and relaxing, spending time with family and friends, and taking care of ourselves.

Whilst this is extremely beneficial for us to do in any event, sometimes we crave a little bit more. This could be in the form of a weekend trip abroad for a quick city break, or even a road trip.

I wanted to share with you some ideas on road trips that you can take, things you can do and ways in which this can enrich your life too.

road trip ideas

City Breaks

There are many cities around the country that we would love to know and visit, and many of us overtime end up falling in love with the city that we have visited. This could be great for our relaxation, self-development, our knowledge and learning.

There is always something to do in the city, and it is usually busy, and thriving with many people for you to meet, places to explore, and places to stay. If you’re looking to drive yourself, then Stress Free Car Rental might be the answer for you, and could significantly reduce the amount of hassle and time spent whilst arranging your road trip.

All you need to do is decide on the snacks and the company that you will take with you, and ultimately you should end up with plenty of photos and memories of your journey.

road trip ideas


Unfortunately, many of us live a fair distance away from family and friends at times. Whether it’s because a job opportunity has taken a relative to a different place, or you have decided to move closer to the sea, whatever reason it is that you no longer spend time in close proximity to your family members, it’s just a great reason for you to get on the road and pay them a visit.

Family visits can be refreshing and bring up a healthy dose of nostalgia, and childhood photos and memories. This can be wonderfully refreshing, and help us put our lives into perspective on a day-to-day basis.

Spa Breaks

Booking a spa break a little distance away from your home can be the pot of gold at the end of the rainbow for many people, taking a long drive through the countryside to a big country house, with a spa, sauna, and pool can recharge your batteries in no time. Recharging your batteries means that you are able to do better when you come home again.

This means great things for your family and friends. Self-care is important, and it helps us move forward in a positive way. So booking a spa break isn’t a bad idea, and all you need to do is pack a little bag and get in the car and drive.

road trip ideas

So don’t forget to get a playlist ready for your road trip, and write your to-do list, so that you can be ready for your road trip no matter what the destination or how long the journey…

I hope this blog post has inspired some more road trip ideas for you! Have you got somewhere you have always wanted to venture to but haven’t got round to? We’d love to hear your road trip ideas in the comments below!

Until next time,

Jessica xo