Creating a modern yet warm interior within a busy home can often be seen as a difficult or impossible task. With conflicting ideas on what exactly makes a modern home “modern” it can be very easy to fall into, what I like to call, the design trends trap.

With modern interior design being an ever evolving trend, we must firstly think about what makes a home “modern”. For some this could be very different ideas. It could be the style of furniture you choose to furnish your rooms. Or it could be a particular clean, sleek lines and neutral grey-toned colour palettes.

Do you follow the grey tones of the Scandinavian interior design or are you more eccentric with Mid-Century styles? 

Without getting too much into the changing trends in this post, in my opinion the grey-scale interior design trends are now being replaced with a more warm colour palette. This is more beige based palettes which can be just as easily used with brighter accents as grey can be. More on this trend shift in my next post, but this is the starting points for the ideas I am about to share with you for making your modern home a warm and welcoming one.

So let’s let go of the idea that a modern home is keeping up with the grey coloured trends for a second… And consider these key design principles and ideas instead, that can make your modern styled home more welcoming and warm.

modern warm home

Warm Colour Palette

I briefly mentioned this above, but one of the easiest and most straightforward ways to make your home feel warmer is to use rich colours. Many are neutral enough that brighter colours can be easily paired with them.

Consider shifting the tones of your home from grey to browns and beiges for an immediate injection of warmth. These colours work particularly well with natural materials like timber.

modern warm home

Integrate Wood

Using wood in your interior can be another easy way to add warmth to your home. Consider statement wooden sideboards, tv storage cabinets and side tables for a quick and easy way to add richness to your spaces.

If your budget and space allows, you could even decide to clad a feature wall in timber panels… Alternatively, using a rich or dark timber flooring can instantly add warmth to any room.

modern warm home
modern warm home

Rich Textures

Another straight forward way to making your home feel warmer and therefore welcoming, is to incorporate texture at every opportunity. Using blankets / throws and cushions can soften and warm up any room that would otherwise feel quite cold.

Try draping a throw over one end of your sofa and accessorise it further with some accent cushions and you’re good to go!

Or why not add a textured rug to your main spaces?

modern warm home

Soft Lighting

Lighting is hugely important when you’re creating a modern yet warm interior. From the style of the light fitting to the ambience the light therefore creates in the room, it’s an important improvement to think about.

Try to include table lamps, either on side tables or a console in the living room to create a calm and relaxing atmosphere. Pair this with scented candles for the perfect warm atmosphere in any home.

modern warm home

I hope this post has given you an insight into how you can make your modern home look and feel much warmer! What style do you associate modern interior design with? And how do you like to add warm into your home interior? Share it with us in the comments below!

Until next time,

Jessica xo


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