Ahh, hallways… Internally the first area that you’re greeted with that ultimately should create an unforgettable first impression. Unfortunately though, these often forgotten spaces quickly become messy thoroughfares and a dumping ground for coats and shoes. They should be warm and welcoming atmospheres…

Creating a welcoming entrance hall can be tricky, especially if your space is limited but there are ways around this. These styling tips will help you take control of the entrance to your property and make sure that first impression is a memorable one.

Symmetry & Practicality


If you have been reading through this blog regularly, you will know that I absolutely love creating symmetry – in almost every room there should be some form of this! It helps with the overall feng shui of the home, creating a balance and positive environment.

The hallway of any home is used multiple times a day by everyone so it needs to be practical. We will go into some creative storage solutions further on in this post, but above storage it is worth considering adding a bench for getting ready in the winter months or a console table. By adding these furniture elements you can create more of a “pausing” space before leaving / entering.

Work with the simple lines you have available in your space, add wall-art, paintings or a feature mirror above your bench or console to create that all important symmetry and alignment. Whatever you decide to include or add into your hallway, make sure the furniture elements are central on the wall, align with anything hung on the wall above and above all looks polished off.

Light, Bright & Contrast


The easiest way to make any room feel bigger is to keep it light. White or lighter toned walls are the key to this! For hallways it is even more important to keep them feeling light and open. Try adding a feature mirror to one of the walls to really accentuate this light feeling.

If white isn’t your thing or it’s too much of a blank canvas for your home, opt for taupe or muted grey painted woodwork to create a modern and sophisticated entrance.

You can also add some pops of colour to re-energise the space. Unusual patterns and a few bright colours add more interest to your hallway without compromising on the light and open ambience.

One of the ways you can add some pattern and extra interest here is through the flooring. Have you considered unusual patterned floor tiles? Or even some rich timber flooring laid in parquet? If that all sounds too bold – adding a runner is the simplest way to add some more interest to your hall.

Injecting colour into your home doesn’t need to be scary – check out my top tips here.

creating a welcoming hallway with patterned flooring

The Illusion of Space


One of the greatest challenges we often face in any home is making the most of small spaces we have available. One of the ways we can do this in the hallway is through wall hung cabinets and doubling up other feature furniture with storage solutions. Benches for example could have built-in drawers where winter accessories are stored out of the way.

Integrating storage within the hallway through wall hung cabinets and other higher level solutions increases the all important floor space. They also add a layer of sophistication to the entrance and avoids it becoming a “pausing” space.

Another popular storage solution for this area of the house are shelves. These can double up to have rails or pegs to store scarves and bags. If you’re still struggling for space, head over to https://www.nowstorage.co.uk for more information on storage solutions.


If you’re feeling almost embarrassed about your property – now is the time to take some action and update your hallway! Head to https://www.neverpaintagain.co.uk/blog/stop-feeling-ashamed-of-your-house/ for some advice on how to stop feeling ashamed of your house but proud, so that you can start inviting people around again.

I hope you have enjoyed reading through these design and styling tips for your hallway. How have you dressed your hallway? Share with us below in the comments!

Until next time!

Jessica xo