September… The children are back at school, nights are drawing in earlier and the temperature is dropping already. Winter is on its way and as the seasons change from warm summery days to colder autumn days, it’s important that we stop and review how design is changing with these seasons.

Whilst in previous posts I have mentioned trends being expensive to follow every season, there are many design cues we can take from them. It is important to note here that trends are a good thing! But by following them religiously they can be costly, especially in interior design. Which is why I prefer to pick out key statement pieces or colours to use with staple, longer term ones.

So what can we take from this Autumn?

In today’s post I delve into the emerging trends for this Autumn going into Winter… Without further ado, let’s get started!

autumn 2018

Brown is the new Black


If you follow me on social media you may be aware of my new favourite phrase, “Brown is the new Black”. And following the announcement of Dulux’s Colour of the Year for 2019 for being “Spiced Honey” last week, this statement has never been more accurate.

It’s OUT with the monochrome tones of – quite honestly – boring and flat grey, blacks and whites. And it’s IN with the new warm, welcoming and soft neutral tones of brown, beige and cream. (And no, this most definitely does not include magnolia!)

Browns and beiges are such versatile neutral colours for the home. They are natural hues which can be paired with almost any bold statement colour, in matter which room it’s intended for.


The Ultimate “Go-To” Autumnal Colour Palette


Following my bold statements above with regards to Brown, this is the starting point for my foundation autumnal colour palette. A timeless autumnal colour palette is warm, rich and takes cues from heritage influences.

The base for this colour palette consists of brown and beige to start with. As previously mentioned, these neutral tones can be paired with almost any bold statement colour. This year, it’s all about deep purple / aubergine tones and emerald green.

Here are some examples of this year’s Autumnal Colour Palettes…


Leopard Print


I don’t mind being open in saying that before being heavily involved in the design industry, for me leopard print was always associated with Kat Slatter from Eastenders (insert covered monkey face emoji here). But the importance of incorporating pattern into interiors has never been so important and prominent to create a space with real texture and interest.

With this particular animal pint being Roberto Cavalli’s firm favourite, the extravagance of this jungle print has been present in the fashion world for many years. Even Calvin Klein and Victoria Beckham have been seen to splash it across the catwalk. Only more recently has this big-cat print been seen more and more in the interiors world.

This print is the perfect autumnal addition to your soft furnishings. With it’s warm and neutral tones it is very straightforward to add a few key pieces to start with which can then be added to in the future.

As the cold nights draw in, consider adding a leopard print faux throw to your sofa or bed for extra warmth. For the ultimate look of luxury – pair soft leopard print accessories with leather trays, coasters or table matts.



I hope you have enjoyed reading about the Autumn interior design trends for this year… How are you keeping up with the changing seasons? We would love to hear your thoughts on this year’s autumnal interior design trends in the comments below!

Take care,

Jessica xo



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