Have you seen those aesthetically pleasing kitchen cupboards on TikTok or Instagram and wondered how to create a similar organised look in your own home? You’ve come to the right place!

Our kitchens are well known for being the “heart of the home”. Often becoming a space where everyone congregates to, eats, drinks, and socialises too. And that’s not even touching on the amount of cooking and food preparation that happens either! The kitchen is truly a diverse area of the home.

Keeping an organised kitchen can make meal preparation and cooking so much easier as everything is easily accessible. It is no surprise that having an organised home can improve your overall health, as it can lead to reducing stress and anxiety. 

I love to design kitchens for my clients that help them to prepare meals in a way that promotes organisation and less clutter. It also helps them to reduce food waste as an organised kitchen allows them to see everything.

While it may seem overwhelming to start with, keeping an organised kitchen makes everyday life so much easier.

Here are some easy to follow ways of organising your kitchen like a pro!


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Decluttering the Kitchen


First up, is decluttering!

This may feel overwhelming if you have a lot of cupboards or drawers to work through, but it is well worth doing. From old food containers / tupperware and pots and pans you hardly use anymore, it’s time to work through every cupboard and drawer in a systematic way.

When working through this decluttering stage, go one-by-one and be as ruthless as you can. Do you need absolutely everything you have stuffed away in each cupboard?

While going through cupboards and drawers, don’t forget about the worktop! And what about those smaller appliances? Does anyone in the household use the blender anymore? It may be time to part ways with some of these appliances you no longer use.

Try to keep the worktop clear of unnecessary “stuff” too.

Drawer Organisers


One trick I love to use in kitchens is drawer organisers! They are an absolute game changer when it comes to keeping kitchen drawers organised.

You can pick up drawer dividers relatively cheaply, and they help to create sections within a drawer. You can then keep utensils and cutlery neat and tidy. While drawer inserts for cutlery are fantastic, I find that having these drawer dividers to hand really helps to keep utensils separately.

If you struggle to find what you need mid-cooking, I highly recommend drawer dividers at a minimum to help organise drawers.

For larger or deeper drawers, perhaps where pots and pans are stored, choose bin compartments or expandable storage racks to store pots and pan lids in an organised fashion.

Kitchen Organising Essentials

Expandable Drawer Organiser

Use an expandable drawer organiser like this one to keep your cutlery and utensils neatly organised!

10-Piece Storage Trays

This set of storage trays interlock so you can create a custom drawer layout to suit your needs.

Drawer Dividers

Alternatively, drawer dividers are ideal for separating different compartments in a kitchen drawer!

Bamboo Cutlery Tray

Use this bamboo cutlery tray to organise your kitchen drawer.

Label Containers


Fancy being extra boujee? Labelling containers is a great way of storing dry foods neatly within cupboards, while making them easier to see and identify.

This may seem like a step too far, but if you have the space it is well worth doing to create that aesthetically pleasing look inside the cupboards.

Aside from dry food containers for things like pasta, cereals, or lentils, you can even label smaller spice containers to store neatly in a cupboard or drawer.

Top Tip: Remember to add a small label to the base of the container with a best before date so you’ll never forget!

24-Pack Airtight Storage Containers

This large pack of airtight food containers is perfect for organising all the dried food in your home! Use the labels to make it easier to identify.

Stackable Food Containers

These stackable food containers are perfect for using in the cupboards or fridge to keep items neatly together.

4-Pack Cereal Storage Containers

Use large storage containers to keep pasta, cereals, and other dried foods neatly stored in cupboards.

8-Pack Airtight Food Storage Set

These super airtight food storage containers are fantastic for using throughout the kitchen to store foods.


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Vertical Space


Short on worktop or cupboard space? Make use of any vertical areas you have.

Do you have cupboards you can add extra shelves into to maximise the space more? Or consider adding small racks to the inside of cupboard doors to store smaller items. This can be super helpful for smaller spaces where storage is a premium.

Cupboard Shelf Organiser Set

Add a shelf organiser to your cupboards to keep your jars and tins organised neatly.

Under Sink Storage

This under sink storage organiser features a drawer like function to make it easier to see what it stored at the back!

Cupboard Tier Organiser

Use a tiered organiser like this one to keep your spices, jars and tins organised, while making sure everything is visible.

Wall Mounted Spice Rack Organiser

This set of spice racks can be installed to the back of a cupboard door to keep spices neatly organised and easily accessible.

Kitchen Organising Essentials