Home DIY and renovation projects can be a frightening prospect for many people. Common reasons for this include cost implications and actually having the time to do the work! But it doesn’t need to be a daunting or only a wishful thought. There are a number of ways and things to consider before embarking on your redesign that will help plan it all out and save you time and money.

I have put together this post to help you plan your next project. This in turn will help you to save money and still get it done!

Planning Your Project


“Fail to prepare, prepare to fail” a common quote that is extremely relevant to any Interior Design venture. The key to planning your redesign effectively, redecorating or remodelling is knowing exactly what you want to achieve. Think about how you want everything to look, what new space you’d ideally like to create (if any) and get really clear in your mind as to what you want to get out of the project. What is the end goal and how will this benefit not only yourself but others using the space once it’s all complete?

Once you have set your goal, you know what you’re setting out to achieve and why, you can then work out how you’re going to get there. What free time do you have to dedicate to your project each week? Evenings and weekends are great time pockets to use for DIY projects. It’s important to make this a priority alongside socialising and events already in your diary. Scheduling the project in every week and every month in advance will help you to stick to it.

Next, break down the work per room – this will help alleviate the scale of the work, track costs and materials and save you money.

I’ve put together a FREE Project Planner Template you can use straight away to break down your next project by room. Check it out!

Costing the Project


The next (and probably most important!) aspect of a project is how much it’s going to cost. This can be a tricky one to predict, especially if you haven’t done DIY or home renovation before, but it is extremely important that you try to estimate the costs of the work. The best way to do this is research into the tools and materials needed to complete every task. Avoid pulling random figures from thin air – look online at B&Q, Homebase etc to see what you need and what’s on the market. Take advantage of offers and sales events to pick up discounted materials.

A way to save on costs is to do most of the work yourself, but there will inevitably be areas of the work where you will need to get a professional in. Make sure you research into different trades people in your area and get a few quotes in to compare. If there are any projects they can show you that they have already completed it may be worth taking a look so you can make an informed decision on who gets the job.

Asking for Help


This point goes without saying but as it is so tempting to do much of the work yourself, it needs repeating. It’s extremely important when embarking on a new interiors project that you ask relevant professionals for help. Please don’t try to make a change to your plumbing or electrics without a plumber or electrician! Of course, it’s all about looking for ways where we can save money but chances are that friends and family will know of someone who can help and perhaps even give you a discounted rate for doing the work outside of their normal working hours. Take them up on the offer!

home redesign to save money

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Have you got an exciting project coming up? Or perhaps stuck on how to start with some redecorating? Share below in the comments! I’d love to hear all about it…

See you soon!

Jessica xo