Following trends isn’t everyone’s cup of tea. I personally like to take them initially with a pinch of salt most seasons because good design should be timeless, and not something you have to change every 6-12 months to keep up with the fashion… There are however, a few trends that come around that I feel can add to an interior to help it stay timeless.

This season is one of them and I wanted to share with you my take on the colour trend and how you too can implement it in your home, no matter what your budget is.

Emerald green has been taking the interiors industry by storm recently. Statement rich green armchairs, whole rooms painted in green or accents through accessories – there’s no denying that this season’s colour trend is this bold colour paired with blush pink. Magnolia walls tend to suit dark warm neutrals as an accent colour, but why not try adding one of this seasons most loved colours to your accessories?

From the colour palette I have put together above, there are a few tones you can choose from in both colours. Sage / olive green is amongst the favourites of this season, and you could also choose a lighter shade of blush pink so no matter how confident or not so bold you feel there really is something for everyone.


By introducing emerald green to your living space with a bold sofa or statement armchair, you can then add accessories like cushions and throws that are of contrasting colour, in this case blush pink. If you really want to make a statement, it might be worth considering a red Chesterfield sofa as a focal point.

The most cost effective way of introducing colour to any interior is through soft furnishings as you can update these as and when you see fit.

Here are some of my favourite high street and high end accessories at the moment that fit the Spring 2018 trend broken down by colour and cost…

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Blush Pink Accessories


High Street

Amara, Killerton Cushion in Pink, £30 each

West Elm, Allover Crosshatch Jacquard Velvet Cushion Cover in Light Rose, currently on offer at £29.95

West Elm, Sari Silk Cushion Cover in Rosette, £29 each

West Elm, Cotton Lustre Velvet Cushion Cover in Dusty Blush, £29 each

West Elm, Lush Crinkle Velvet Cushion Cover in Dusty Blush, £29 each

West Elm, Lush Velvet Cushion Cover in Dusty Blush, £29 each

West Elm, Cosiest Throw in Rosette, £39

High End

Amara, Ted Baker, Harmony Cushion, £40 each

Amara, Orla Kiely, Small Linear Stem Cushion in Pale Rose, £35 each

Amara, Gibberd Crochet Cushion in Pink, £35 each

Tom Dixon, Deco Cushion in Pink, £180 each from Amara

West Elm, Woven Silk Cushion Cover in Pink Sorbet, £39 each

Green Toned Accessories


High Street

Next, Abstract Cushion in Green, £12 each

Next, Neppy Cushion in Green, £14 each

Next, Quilted Studio Throw, £20-£30

M&S, Abstract Striped Cushion in Green Mix, £19.50 each

M&S, Hexagonal Embroidered Cushion in Green Mix, £29.50 each

M&S, Banbury Cushion in Khaki, £9.50 each

West Elm, Textured Boucle Cushion Cover in Olive, £29 each

West Elm, Lush Crinkle Velvet Cushion Cover in Green Gables, £29 each

High End

Amara, Goya Cushion, Vert Buis, £100 each

Amara, Orla Kiely, Small Linear Stem Cushion in Apple, £40 each

Amara, Soft Fleece Blanket in Dark Jade, £68 each


A great way to make a statement in any room, is by choosing a bold rug. Here are some of my top picks:

West Elm, Cascade Wool Rug in Rosette, currently on offer £249.95-£449.95

West Elm, Lucent Round Rug in Dusty Blush, £299

Amara, Herringbone Rug in Citrus, currently £120

Amara, Calvin Klein Linear Glow Rug in Verbena, from £499

Amara, Pavillion Rug in Blush / Green, £365


Another straight forward way to incorporate colour to your home is through artwork. Many people associate artwork as being expensive, however there are some amazing cost effective ways you can add colour and interest to your walls…

Instead of going all out with paintings, which can be extremely expensive, there are actually a number of companies that offer posters as a way to accessorise your walls. Starting at as little as £7 you can combine different colours and also mix and match them with quotes to create truly unique rooms that are personal to you.

Here are my top picks for this trend…

Desenio, Pink Wonder and Somewhere Pink Posters, from £11.95 each

Desenio, Palm Exposure and Palm Leaves Exposure Posters, from £6.95 each

Desenio, Botanical Garden posters, starting at £4.46 each

Desenio, Plant on Pink posters, starting at £5.21 each


My personal favourite accessory to any home has got to be indoor plants. They fit perfectly with this Spring 2018 colour palette making it easier to accessorise furniture with one colour – blush – and let the plants do all the talking.

Some great indoor plants to consider are:

Banana Plants

Citrus Tress (lemons etc)

Aloe Vera

Spider Plants


Snake Plants


Finally, a beautiful chandelier depending on the style of your decor, could be the ultimate finishing touch. Consider this colour palette with either a rustic looking industrial piece or perhaps some statement lamps.

I hope this post has inspired you to try this year’s Spring trend and shown you ways you can be confident when choosing accessories for your home.

Until next time,

Jessica xo