Indoor plants not only do absolute wonders for the air we surround ourselves in, they also add a vital burst of colour to any room. Studies show that indoor plants also contribute to a more relaxing and restful ambience. Being out in nature reduces stress and tension, so it only makes sense that indoor plants should become one of the key accessories for our houses.

So just how do we incorporate them into our homes without making the place look and feel like a jungle?! I’ve got some simple ideas below which I’ve separated by key rooms.

Living Rooms


Probably the easiest way to add colour and vibrancy to any living room is by having fresh flowers on a console or coffee table. This can however be quite expensive up keep, so by potting some terrariums or peace lily’s and having these on your tables could save you a lot of money, but still inject colour into the room.

Another great addition to the living room is having large pots – perhaps with a banana or citrus fruit tree. These tend to have large leaves and flower brilliantly throughout the year. Choose a concrete-effect pot for an on-trend solution and place them in empty corners of the room. They can even go behind your sofa!

If you have some shelving or window sills here, these are also fantastic opportunities to introduce some greenery. Smaller potted plants or trailers would work best in these spots.

And what about the fireplace that hardly gets used? This is another area of the living room where some well needed colour could be introduced. Depending on the size you could have a number of plants here.

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This may be one of the most surprising of rooms to introduce some indoor plants into, but they actually look great! Obviously this does depend on the style and arrangement of the room, as no two bathrooms are the same. But there are still plenty of areas to introduce plants to here.

The large window sill, shelf or even storage unit are perfect components to add plants to. My recommendation would be to introduce English Ivy or Aloe Vera into a bathroom. Ivy because they can grow and fall down storage units or from above, and Aloe because of it’s amazing healing properties for the skin.



The most obvious way to add greenery to your kitchen is through herbs. These are great little additions to your window sills or beside the sink. Perfect for those home cooked meals, and they look good too.

Centrepieces for kitchen tables have become a thing of the past these days with the focus being moved to dining table centrepieces. These don’t need to be a thing of the past or anything fancy for that matter. A simple well potted plant is an easy centrepiece for the everyday kitchen table.



Not only do indoor plants contribute to cleaner, fresher air throughout, they can actually help you sleep better. Crazy right? This makes the bedroom another room that is worthwhile adding plants to.

My recommendation is to add a number of small potted plants to your chest of drawers or even bedside tables. If the room is large enough, it is worthwhile utilising a corner for a large potted plant.


You may now be wondering what the best indoor plants for your home are. The Top 5 are…

Aloe Vera

Peace Lily

Snake Plant

Rubber Tree

Spider Plant

The great thing about this top 5 is that they are all relatively easy to keep alive.

Have you got any indoor plants that are thriving in your home? Share them with us below in the comments!

Until next time!

Jessica xo