It’s that time of year when the focus shifts from ourselves to those closest to us, and in turn our all important self-love can suffer because of it.

Of course, the festive period is all about spending time with family and friends, but we need to remember to take some all important time out for ourselves too. Particularly during the weeks on the run up to Christmas itself.

Now I’m not necessarily talking about going to the Spa for a weekend and completely blowing the budget, there are some key ways we can take some time out for ourselves from the comfort of our home.

Today I’d like to specifically talk about improving the key space used for self care in your home – the Bathroom of course!

Not only for your self care routines on the run up to Christmas but these principles and ideas I’m about to discuss are also extremely relevant for preparing your home for guests too.

Are you ready? Let’s take a closer look at how you can make your bathroom look and feel like a spa!


bathroom spa

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Creating a Balance


First of all, in any bathroom there needs to be a balance. And that is between comfort and practicalities. Depending on your main focus for the room, this will then in turn impact on which way the scales tip as more important to you; comfort and luxury or practical.

For self-care, comfort and luxury is absolutely at the forefront when it comes to the Bathroom. The balance then shifts to prioritise the senses.

To really get started on how to make your bathroom look and feel like a spa ready for your self-love routine, let’s take a look at these senses and how we can improve our bathroom in line with them.


bathroom spa


The Senses



No matter how you go about your self-care routine on the run up to Christmas, having good quality linen is essential. Extremely soft and inviting towels and dressing gowns are the ultimate luxury and shouldn’t be spared.

Having a mixture between bath sheets (very large in size), bath towels, hand towels and face cloths means that no matter how you spend your evenings there is always the perfect size available.

Some of the best towels and bath robes on the market at the moment…

Amara, Egyptian Cotton Bathroom Linen

Ralph Lauren Home, Avenue Bathroom Linen

Amara, Silk Robe

Ugg, Blanche Bathrobe


Of course when you’re having a pamper evening you need to enjoy what you have in your surroundings! Consider adding a vase with your favourite flowers, your favourite motivational quote framed or a serene painting hung on the wall.

Here are a few of my favourite accessories to enhance any bathroom!

Brissi, Magnolia Stem

Brissi, Protea Stem in White

Brissi, Peony Bunch in White

Brissi, Waterfall Vase

LSA International, Frieze Vase in Clear Cut

Brissi, Horizon Acrylic on Canvas


Masking unwanted smells in the bathroom is one thing. But when it comes to a quiet night in the bath with a face mask on, the perfect accompaniments are having your favourite candles lit. During other times, it’s the perfect room to have your favourite fresh smelling diffuser.

bathroom spa


Another element to add into the mix, is what you’re listening to. Find a calming and relaxing playlist on Spotify by exploring the Genre section. Or why not listen to your favourite motivating podcast for a burst of personal development. The options are endless!


bathroom spa



I hope you have enjoyed this post and has given you an insight into how you can easily make your bathroom look and feel like a spa! How do you like to unwind after a busy week? And how do you make your bathroom feel more luxurious? Share it with us in the comments below!

Take care,

Jessica xo