Normally I wouldn’t pay much attention to the Royal family and their seemingly daily updates, but over the last few weeks I have found myself reading more and more about Meghan Markle and Prince Harry’s departure from the monarchy. Alongside the catastrophic responses and debates that have arisen on social media and in the tabloids, it was pretty hard to avoid the whole situation. What has amazed me the most is the sheer amount of people who have shared their opinions on how this man, woman and their baby have chosen to live their lives.

Irrespective of how they delivered the news, the consistent negative, racism, pressure and torment they have put up with over the last few years has been horrifying to say the least. Especially those trolls who have created an active campaign of hate against the duchess.

In any event, Prince Harry and Meghan Markle have left the country to live in Canada with their son. It’s their “leap of faith”, as Harry said, and could be just the relief they need from all the hostility they’ve received.

And I can’t blame them… After all, there is only so much anyone can take before they crack.

This week I wanted to touch on this recent news to explain why I believe the “Meghan Markle Effect” is exactly how we should all be living this year. And yes – “to Meghan Markle” was created and it’s actually a verb now…

‘Meghan Markle’


Past Tense – Meghan Markled

To “Meghan Markle” : to value yourself and your mental health enough to up and leave a room / situation / environment in which your authentic self is not welcomed or wanted.

I have actually done something similar myself last month, and have never felt more empowered than I do right now.

the Meghan Markle effect
Photo Credit – Fox News

So you’re probably wondering how exactly can you adopt this principle into your life and use the Meghan Markle effect? Let’s take a closer look…

At Work

Have you ever felt under paid, under appreciated or completely lifeless in the role or job you’re currently doing? Or perhaps you’ve contemplated following a passion of yours for some time but haven’t taken any action into pursuing that yet?

Well first of all, you need to realise what an asset you are to the company you work for – they need you more than you need them. And if that isn’t being appreciated or rewarded adequately, then you need to Meghan Markle yourself straight out of that place!

Disclaimer – You shouldn’t take any unnecessary life-changing risks unless you have a plan in place first or an alternative to fall back on. (I’m not saying to you that you should just up and leave your job right there and then. What I am saying is – make that decision that you want to leave, plan how you will leave and what you will go to next, through means of alternative work or opportunities, and take action to get there! Seek alternatives, or save so you can leave and have money to fall back on whilst you find something else.)

If your dream ultimately has nothing to do with what you currently do for work and you want to pursue something different, make the most of your free time at the weekends and develop the skills needed to live your dream. Perhaps you work in an office but have a passion for photography – spend your evenings and weekends reading up on the skills you need, practice those skills over and over, and build a portfolio so you can start living your dream on the side of your full-time job. Eventually, you will be able to quit that job and go full-time with your photography! How amazing would that be?

Meghan Markle your work life, and start leading a more aligned and authentic life around what you truly what to do and how you truly want to live.

Having done something similar myself last month, I can already say I am feeling more aligned, positive and much happier in myself because I am following my true path. I am being completely and unapologetically authentic to myself and the life I want to lead, and I have never felt more empowered than I do right now.

Meghan Markle effect
Photo Credit – Hans Verstuyft Architects


Okay, so that ex-boyfriend / ex-girlfriend that keeps calling you at 2am but will ignore your texts for weeks? You need to Meghan Markle them immediately. 

Unlike the duke and duchess, for most of us we can’t just move to Canada… But you can consider what aspects of your love life are working and what truly are not and take action.

Do you have a love interest but just doesn’t respect you and everything is done on their terms, never to compromise to yours? Leave them behind and stop responding to their messages.

Or perhaps you are already in a loving and caring relationship, but there’s something that just doesn’t quite sit right with you? Be brave to bring this up with your partner and talk things through. And feel courageous enough in yourself that what ever the outcome of that conversation, you can handle it.

Meghan Markle effect
Photo Credit – Hans Verstuyft Architects


The Meghan Markle effect has inspired me, and many others, to take action in areas of our lives that are ultimately damaging, toxic and unhealthy. It has provided inspiration to thousands of people that by taking risks sometimes, and following your deep desires, you can actually strive in the knowledge that you’re taking steps towards creating a more fulfilled and healthier life for yourself.

So let’s embrace 2020 and all that it has to offer… Let’s take the positive energy from the former duke and duchess and grab life by the horns and take a leap of faith. Because no matter how lost you may feel taking the plunge, you are there and you know in yourself that you have what it takes to thrive. No matter what happens.

Have courage to adopt the Meghan Markle effect in your life this year. Allow yourself time to sit down and evaluate the key areas of your life so you can set realistic goals for the year ahead.

How are you approaching your life this year? Are there some major changes you’re hoping to make? I’d love to hear from you, drop your thoughts in the comment box below.

Until next time,

Jessica xo

All imagery from this post is from architectural projects by Hans Verstuyft Architects, unless stated otherwise in the caption.