As I’m sure all of you are feeling and aware right now (or if you’re reading this in the future, I’m talking about March 2020) times are uncertain. It’s actually a very weird feeling; the unknown and uncertainty of how the rest of this year is going to pan out. No matter when you’re reading this post, I think we could all do with some tips for staying positive.

With many of us now on full “lockdown” by our governments in a midst of controlling the dreaded C-19 outbreak… I thought it was a fitting time to share some of my top tips for staying positive and how to make the most of this seemingly indefinite length of time we have on our hands indoors.

Over the last 7-10 days, I myself have struggled through this increasingly nerve-wracking time. And I’m positive that I’m not alone in feeling that way. Having implemented the following tools, I am already feeling much better about this weird time we are currently faced with.

If you’re struggling to see the light at the end of the tunnel right now, I’m sure these tools will help you too.

tips for staying positive

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Acknowledge Your Feelings

No matter how you’re feeling right now, or have been feeling, whatever those emotions may be – they are perfectly normal. And it’s so important to embrace and acknowledge these feelings. What we’re all going through right now is a form of grief for lives we used to live. And those emotions paired with the uncertainty of what’s to come can make it all seem that much more intense.

By acknowledging your feelings through this time, means that when it’s all over and done, we can really appreciate the good times. Whilst we go through this weird time, don’t allow anyone to tell you how you should be feeling. Everyone has different feelings, so give yourself permission to accept these emotions you’re feeling right now. 

Journalling can be a really therapeutic practice to experiment with through these times. Getting your thoughts out of your head and down on paper can be a huge sense of relief.

Stick to A Routine

With many of us working from home during this time, our normal routines have been completely thrown out of the window. To overcome this, think about how you can adapt your normal routine to this new way of life. Although this time is temporary, it’s important to create a routine you can stick to and makes you feel good.

Incorporate daily walks at lunchtime, make more time for cooking fresh meals with real ingredients and stick to your normal working hours where possible. Take regular breaks and stretch.

If you used to have a commute – whether that was only 10 minutes in the car, or an hour on the train or tube – utilise this time in different ways. Is there a hobby you have always wanted to pick up? Use this commuting time to improve your skills. If you would normally listen to a podcast, do that! Switch it up and go for a walk whilst you listen, or do some re-organising in your house whilst it’s playing.

tips for staying positive

Avoid the News and Social Media

If there’s one thing out of all of these points that has made me feel better – it’s this one, hands down! When C-19 was gripping Italy 10 or so days ago, I would be checking the News app on my phone at least once an hour searching for updates. If I wasn’t on the News I’d be scrolling aimlessly through social media, that back and forth between Instagram and Facebook feeds.


When I started to incorporate a real routine back into my life, became focused on what I want to achieve this year, and therefore STOPPED checking the News and social media every hour – I instantly started to feel better. I now keep this to an absolute minimum… Maybe twice a day at most I will check the News feed on my phone. Social media I have been checking less overall but it’s still probably more than five times a day *insert hands over monkey face emoji*.

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Plan for Now, and Ahead

The title of this section is somewhat contradicting, I know, but bare with me! Whilst the future in general is uncertain for many of us, what isn’t is our time right here and right now. In this very moment. You have to realise that in this moment right now, you are safe.

Planning ahead may seem some what optimistic, but we have to be! We need to focus on the positives in this situation and to help us through this time I am sure that by thinking about all the amazing things we want to do and places we want to visit when this is all over, will help us feel more positive. However discouraging the world may seem right now, this too shall pass.

Make a goal board for all the amazing things you want to do and places you want to see once this is all over. Research into those dream holiday destinations and start planning some trips. These are important tips for staying positive.

Using Time Wisely

One thing we have been gifted, is time. For many of us, we have been given more time than we’ve ever had before. Perhaps you’ve been saying, “if only I had more time for X, Y, Z…” Well now you have!! And my advice to you is to use this time we have now wisely.

Start by making a list of all the things round your home you’ve wanted to do, re-organise or improve. You could go through almost every aspect of your life and examine all the things you have been “meaning to get around to”. Start planning these things into your routine and the weekends.

This is one of my favourite tips for staying positive because for me, I have been making more time for my morning routine, trying meditation daily and improving my productivity skills.

Helping Others

When the world is going through a turbulent time, helping others that are in need can release an infinite amount of positive emotions. Whenever I help other people, I always get such a lovely feeling. Just knowing that you have made someone’s day or been able to help them in some way can make you feel so much better.

Look out for ways you can help your local community. Perhaps you can help some of your elderly neighbours with their shopping or picking up prescriptions for them.

tips for staying positive


Above all, stay grateful. You may not be able to go out and see your friends much during this time, but there are still so many other things you can be grateful for. From the roof over your head, having fresh food in your fridge and freezer or even just the sunshine that’s streaming through your windows – there is so much still to be thankful for.

Every morning I write in my notebook 5 things I’m grateful for that day. Sometimes it’s just small things, and that’s okay! Expressing gratitude, no matter how small, instantly lifts your mood.

How have you been feeling through this whole time? Are you implementing anything new into your life that is keeping you feeling upbeat and positive?

Have you enjoyed reading these tips for staying positive? I’d love to hear your thoughts in the comments below!

Stay safe everyone,

Jessica xo