Over the last few months, I have noticed that both myself and many other interior designers and bloggers alike have taken inspirations from Farmhouse designed projects. Farmhouse Interiors are simple and organic yet comprises of characteristically pleasing details.

Although the true personalities of Farmhouse Interiors come from the true characteristics such as exposed beams and brickwork. Not all of us are blessed with owning a property with the natural charm and qualities a Farmhouse has.

Having done some research into the emerging “trend”, there are a number of ways you can add a touch of Country to your interior, without having the bare back-bones of a Farmhouse.

There is a relaxed and homely aura around Farmhouse interiors that can make any feel at home, without having to be physically on a farm.

This week I have collated the 5 Key Design Cues for creating a stylish farmhouse inspired interior…

Say Goodbye to the stereotypical out-dated Farmhouse Interiors, and a big warm Hello to the new modern and stylish take on the Farmhouse Interior.

Let’s get started!

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Photo Credit: Coco Kelley

Timber Cladding

Whilst adding timber accents to interiors are becoming more and more popular each day, timber is one of the key materials that makes the Farmhouse style more evident in appearance.

For the interior, this can be relatively simple yet effective to achieve. Whether it’s reclaimed or weathered timber flooring or using wood for wall panelling, you can create a farmhouse feel to your interior quite easily.

To make your interior really stand out from the crowd, consider applying timber boards to the ceiling for an ambitious statement.

If that’s all a little bit too much, you can add timber to your home by strategically purchasing wooden based furniture as accent / feature pieces.

farmhouse interior
Photo Credit: MFHCoin

The Light and Relaxed Approach

One thing is for sure when it comes to Farmhouse Interiors, keeping the space light and airy should be at the forefront of the agenda. Keeping the interior clean with the use of light beiges or creams are great neutral alternatives.

Particularly for bedrooms, keeping the walls painted in an off-white or cream helps to keep a farmhouse feel and tranquil environment.

If using timber, you may want to consider painting elements of these in white to brighten up the room.

Or, if colour is your thing then try implementing light hues instead of bold. Think sage green and duck-egg blues for adding accent colours.

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Open Shelving and Cabinetry

Implementing open shelving and cabinetry throughout the home can add a really authentic touch of Farmhouse life to the interior. Simple, yet rustic shelving instantly brings a Farmhouse feel to the space.

Consider using real planks of timber for shelving to add a rustic Farmhouse look!

Soft Fabrics and Classic Patterns

Not only is there a running theme throughout Farmhouse interiors with a neutral colour palette. There seems to also have softer fabrics and the use of classic patterns.

The mix of a soft, neutral colour palette and classic patterns reminds me of coastal inspired interiors… This creates a calm and tranquil atmosphere which is ideal for any modern home.

You can start by adding cream linen large base cushions as key accessories followed by a smaller amount of monochromatic patterned ones.

farmhouse interior
Photo Credit: Acidalia Decor

Industrial Accents

For the finishing touches and decorative accessories to a farmhouse inspired interior, consider adding a few industrial accents.

Commonly based on the machinery used around a farm, it has become extremely fashionable to incorporate industrial inspired pieces to interiors. This is perfect for finishing off any Farmhouse driven home.

Other accent pieces to consider are; hanging or sliding farm doors with metal ironmongery, metal light fittings (feature pieces above the dining table or kitchen island) and metal storage trunks or baskets.

My recommendation though is to buy pieces which will add practical value to your home. All of your finishing touches should have some sort of functional role to play.

farmhouse interior
Photo Credit: Possible Decor

So there we have it! My top 5 design cues that spark real Farmhouse character to any modern interior.

What do you think to the Modern Farmhouse styled interiors? Are you a fan? Let me know if you are and why in the comments below! I’d love to hear your thoughts…

Until next time!

Jessica xo

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