Over the last couple of weeks I have noticed an increase in Natural and Neutral based interiors being shared… Coupled with the Beige Interior Trends for 2019, this week I wanted to focus on this trend to explain why natural and neutral interiors are becoming widely spoken about.

Cool, calm and collected.

Deriving from the Fashion Design phenomenon of “nude” and “camel” tones, it is no surprising that many top Interior Designers are calling upon this palette as the new foundation to their work.

It’s true, fashion and interior trends alike come back around time and time again, with interior design trends also taking cues from the fashion world.

Regardless of whether you follow and / or keep up with design trends, I always think that it is important to be aware of them as they may well influence your work. It is also crucial to understand when and how to use design trends effectively.

Back to the natural and neutral interior trend… Of course, “neutral” means without colour but these hues are merely foundation colours of which you can build upon if you so wish.

Let’s take a closer look at some of the reasons why interior designers are opting for more neutral bases to their work…

neutral interior design

Reflective Qualities

One of the key benefits to implementing a more neutral inspired colour palette to your home is the reflective qualities it brings.

Particularly for smaller rooms, using a more muted a neutral colour palette can help to bounce natural light around the room. That’s why it is sometimes best to keep the darker and more moody colours for larger rooms.

Essentially, colours such as beige, ivory, taupe and shades of white / cream are the go-to base colours for any successful neutral colour palette.

neutral interior design

Timeless Design Foundations

Throughout this blog I talk a fair amount about timeless design and how to create this. Part of creating timeless interiors is having the solid foundations of which to do so.

And yes – you’ve probably guessed it!! One of the first places to start with creating these solid foundations for a timeless interior is in fact the colour palette from which you build on. This is how you can future-proof the main areas of the house.

Opt for warmer neutral tones on the walls, paired with the lightest shade on the ceiling for a classic yet modern look. Highlight details such as shelving or fireplace mantels by using white paint or materials.

neutral interior design

Soft Accents

Just because timeless interior design can derive from neutral base tones, doesn’t mean that the whole room needs to be various shades of just the one colour…

Inject soft colours in the accessories you choose. Cushions, throws, rugs, statement furniture pieces… Neutral colour palettes don’t need to be seen as bland!

Similarly to the grey Scandi-inspired interior trends, you can pair almost any other colour with beige / taupes / creams to inject some life into the design through the finishing touches.

neutral interior palette

Layering Textures

If you’re opting for a completely neutral interior, it’s really important that you try to layer textures. A room without texture can be left feeling dull and lifeless. Add tactile surfaces for warmth and interest.

Layer up cotton, velvets and silk for the ultimate sophistication in any room… Mixing textures and adding soft tones to a neutral base is the key to creating timeless interior design.

neutral interior design colour palette

I hope this post has given you some ideas on how you can use more neutral colour palettes in your home!

Have you used a neutral colour palette for your home? What do you think about the beige interior trends of 2019? Share your thoughts with us in the comments below!

All the best,

Jessica xo


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