Security might not be your main priority when designing a garden or patio, but it’s actually more helpful and important than you might think. A garden that is kept secure not only helps to protect your property from intruders but also helps to keep pets and children safe, by keeping them in the garden and unable to get out into the street.

Here are our Top 5 Tips on How to Protect Your Garden and keep it safe.

how to protect your garden
Photo Credit – Pepe Nero

Fences and Hedges

It’s important to check your fences and hedges regularly. Have you got fence panels that are missing or in need of repair? Have any of them fallen over?

Replace any old or damaged fence panels to block up potential ways for a child to get out, or intruder to make an entrance. Check your hedges for gaps that a child or pet could crawl through. Taxus Baccata is a good choice for family garden hedges, as it’s sturdy enough to act as a boundary.

Choose higher boundaries, as a taller fence or hedge is harder to climb over and gives you more privacy from your neighbours.


Adding external lighting to your garden, patio or front driveway and entrance is imperative for keeping it safe.

A light that turns on when it senses movement over your entry routes is a useful thing. The light will turn on as a person approaches the house. A light suddenly turning on is not only off-putting for a would-be intruder but also makes it safer for you to walk through the garden if you come back home in the dark. There’s less risk of tripping and falling when you can’t see.

Secure Your Shed

Do you have a shed in the garden where you store things like bikes, garden tools, and outdoor furniture? Bikes, toys and tools are often expensive, making them a popular target for thieves.

If your shed has a window, keep it covered, so nobody can use it to check if there’s anything worth having inside. Buy a good lock for the door and always remember to lock it when you’re finished in the shed.

Secure Gates

If you can reach your garden from the street, or anywhere other than through the house, use a gate that can be locked. This makes it more difficult for anyone trying to get in, or a child or pet trying to get out.

how to protect your garden
Photo Credit – Peter Mason

Check Your Garage

Checking your garage is another important factor to protect your garden. Your garage can be another prime target for would-be thieves. Similarly to your shed, you should cover up any windows in the garage, so nobody can see what’s in there and decide it’s worth breaking in to steal.

Make your garage door properly secured, and never leave it open, even if you’re working in there. An open garage door, even if you’re inside, is a way for thieves to look in and note where the valuable items, like tools, are kept.

Always lock your garage when you’re not in there. If there’s a door leading from your garage into your garden, remember that this is another entry point into your property and should be treated as such. Lock it, and keep it in good repair so it’s harder to force the door.

Photo Credit – Peter Knight

How do you protect your garden and outside areas from intruders? We hope these ideas have given you some motivation for checking, double checking and updating your security.