Our floor is something that we often pay very little attention to. After all, it’s usually not the first thing we see when we enter a modern home since our eyes are naturally drawn to the walls and furniture. The floor is just there to complement the rest of the room and act as a backdrop to the rest of your interior design. As a result, people often underestimate its contribution to the overall design of a room.

However, most designers and enthusiasts know that the floor of a room is like the glue that holds everything together. It’s the foundation on which your room is built and it can have an overwhelmingly powerful effect on the feel that a room emits.

So in this post, we’re going to cover some of the most popular flooring trends in 2020 that you should consider for your next big home renovation.

Photo Credit – Naomi Hébert

Neutral Shades

The world went through a colourful flooring phase but we’re starting to gravitate back towards neutral shades; such as grey, white and natural timbers. Natural shades are also starting to gain popularity since they pair well with main current interior design trends.

Grain Patterns

Wooden textures are incredibly popular because they’re always unique, different and completely natural. Their beauty can’t be underestimated and more people are starting to pick woods based on the different textures and grains they offer.

popular flooring trends in 2020
Photo Credit – Walter Lee Olivares de la Cruz


Microcement can create a smooth modern floor that gives off an industrial feel. This makes it perfect for ultra-modern homes. As it’s relatively new, we suggest looking at microcement FAQs to understand more about how it’s installed and what benefits it offers outside of aesthetics.

Herringbone Patterns

Wooden floors can often be layered in different orientations to create zig-zag patterns or other unique geometric designs. The key here is balancing the patterns to create something that is visually appealing yet quiet enough to be used as a subtle flooring option.

Marble Floors

Marble creates a sophisticated look in bathrooms and kitchens. However, it’s starting to get more popular in other functional areas of the home as well. Such as main entryways and corridors, and in some cases even the living room or dining room for a super luxurious feel.

popular flooring trends in 2020
Photo Credit – Jean-Philippe Delberghe

One of the reasons why so few people change their floors is due to all of the work involved. You’ll need to move all of your furniture around and it can take a considerable amount of time. That’s why a lot of people tend to skip replacing their floors unless they’re performing a much larger renovation to make it worth it.

We hope that these ideas around popular flooring trends in 2020 have inspired you to make a future change to your floors. It can make a huge difference in the way your room feels and opens up many different style choices if you’re willing to invest the time and money.

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