When planning to make improvements to your home, it is important to consider if and how these upgrades will affect your property’s value. If for nothing else, you will want to know that it’s worth the money, whether you’re planning to sell your home sometime soon or not.

Almost all houses increase in value over time, but with some careful planning and a bit of work, yours could reap even higher rewards. If you want to boost the value of your property, here are the top eight home improvements that you should consider…


Structural Problems


This goes without saying – it’s much hard to sell a property when there are underlying issues. especially when it comes to the structure. Make sure you organise for someone to come and inspect the property to identify any structural problems there may be.

These could include; rising damp, a leaking roof, insect infestation etc.

If there are any problems that arise from an inspection, make sure to get them addressed straight away. This may be costly but it’s so important not only for your home’s value but your own safety as well.

improvements to add value to your home

Fix Superficial Defects


Superficial defects include all those little annoyances that you will have got used to over time… Peeling paint, loose tiles and dripping taps to name a few. Whilst these won’t directly impact the overall value of your home, they do suggest that it isn’t looked after properly which can put buyers off. It’s highly recommended that you go around the property, make a list of those issues that should have been addressed months ago and make a plan to get them fixed. Many of them won’t take long at all!

Build a Garage


Unless you have one already, you should definitely consider having a garage built. Not only will it provide additional storage space and provide security for any cars, it does boost the value of properties. It can reduce the cost of your car insurance too as it’s a secure place to park – an added bonus! If building a garage is too expensive then it’s worth thinking about a carport instead. This has many of the same benefits as a garage but takes up less space and is a very cost effective solution.

make improvements to your home with a modern garage

Boosting Your Energy Efficiency


Global warming is such a hot topic right now that it is becoming more and more important that you do your bit where you can… This means doing all you can to create a more energy efficient home. Yes this helps with the environment, but it also helps sell your property as it’s more appealing to buyers as the energy bills will be less. Some of the most popular ways of doing this includes adding loft insulation, replacing your boiler, installing better double glazing windows – triple even!

Open Up the Space


Nowadays, many families are looking for open plan living spaces to allow for easy conversation and entertaining. For this reason, it is worth thinking about ways in which you can open up your home – knocking down walls to combine the kitchen and main dining area is one of the most popular and sought after solutions. If this can be extended right the way through to the living room then even better! So long as there is still a relatively clear difference between the uses of the spaces – perhaps different floor finish can avoid them feeling cold.

Upgrade Your Kitchen


It goes without saying that an attractive and practical kitchen is a must have for any buyer so it’s crucial that you have one in your home. This will also add value to your property. You may not need to completely renovate your kitchen – identify the areas that could do with some improvement and go from there. Sometimes cheaper improvements such as replacing the cupboard doors can give the whole room a new lease of life. A stylish kitchen can also kickstart a healthier lifestyle – read all about the ways you can do this here.

A Luxurious Bathroom


If cost is an issue, then upgrading the bathroom should be your main focus. After all, we spend a lot of our time in there one way or the other! Again, a full renovation is likely to be out of the picture completely so instead you should examine the room and find ways to update your bathroom on a budget. There are a few ways you can do this. For example, replacing tiles, repainting cabinets or replacing some of the fixtures. Decorative accessories are a great way to add extra freshness to the room too.

The Garden


As important as the interior of your home is, the outside shouldn’t be forgotten. A well designed and attractive garden is extremely appealing the buyers – particularly if the upkeep is straight forward. Having a back garden alone adds immense value to the property. If your garden has been neglected for a couple of years, it may be worth asking for some professional advice. Alternatively you could speak to a family member or friend whose garden is particularly well kept. Basic maintenance of any garden goes a long way – mowing, weeding and trimming back overgrown shrubbery are great places to start with this.


Whether you have been thinking about selling your property for a while, or maybe it’s not even on your radar yet! It is worth having these improvements in your mind so you can carry them out gradually over time to boost value. Have you tried any of these ideas for your home improvements? I would love to hear all about it in the comments below!

Take care,

Jessica xo