Injecting colour into your home is tricky business in any event, but keeping up-to-date with the latest colour trends can be even more difficult for homeowners. In recent years we have seen minimalist neutral palettes forming the most popular trends. With this year’s Pantone colour of the year being a daring Ultra Violet we are seeing some bold colour schemes being formed…

Let’s take a closer look at some of these emerging colour schemes and look at ways in which you can implement these into your own home – without breaking the bank…

modern colour schemes of 2018



Using blue from an interior designer’s perspective is often seen to be “playing it safe” or “boring” but there are some interesting ways we make it more exciting. Accordingly to colour psychology blue is associated with contentment, control and openness. Dark blue interiors create little cocoons of comfort which adds boldness to any home.

Here are some creative ideas of how to implement this popular colour into your home – make your walls really pop with a rich blue paint colour, or add some colour into your bathroom for the ultimate luxurious feeling…



Pink, known as the girliest colour of the spectrum is actually a very sophisticated colour when implemented correctly into the home. Blush pink (over fuchsia or bright pink) adds opulence to a room and complements nearly all other colours. It can even be used as a colour-based neutral instead of plain off-whites or creams.

The colour combination of pink and green has been the colour trend of Spring this year – learn all the ways to implement these colours into your home here. My favourite way of implementing this colour into the home is through a statement armchair or accent accessories.




There’s no surprising that green has made one of the top colours of 2018. The Earthy tones create balance in any interior. As humans we crave the outdoors, fresh air and green scenes of the countryside which makes using green in your home the perfect colour match. You can read more about this in my Almost all Natural Home post here

Pair with creams, beiges and browns to create the perfect sanctuary in any room. Green is also the perfect accent colour for autumn. Here are some key inspirations for using this colour in your home…



As previously mentioned, Pantone’s colour of the year this year is Ultra Violet so naturally purple is one of the main colour trends for this year. Both in the fashion world and interior design. Associated with stimulation and compassion, deep aubergine has become the power colour of the year and you can easily see why with these incredible rooms.

Purple is not only a great colour to use inside your home, it is brilliant for your entrance door too. Some of the biggest townhouse down the streets have bright and bold front doors.



Natural off-white, creams and beiges are the new and improved base colours for any interior in my eyes. White can be too harsh and all too often paired with shades of grey which, by the way, is a colour trend completely done and over saturated! It’s plain, boring and over done now – hence more natural neutral colours are taking its place…

With the more natural neutrals you can pair these colours with almost any other colour and acts like a solid foundation or base colour for any room of the house.

modern colour scheme


I hope this post has inspired you to be more brave with your colour choices and embrace the colour scheme of 2018! Which colour schemes are you loving at the minute? Have you tried any of these in your home? I would love to hear all about it in the comments below!

Speak soon,

Jessica xo

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