Have you dreamt about making home improvements to your property but backed out due to budget restrictions? Many homeowners would rather improve their current property instead of finding another one to purchase. House prices have sky rocketed in many areas so why not invest in where you live now?

The ambition to make improvements to your home doesn’t need to stay only a dream… Sure, budget limitations can make it feel like an unbeatable challenge. It is easy to fall into the trap of incorporating complicated ideas that will end up blowing your budget far sooner than you predicted…

Let’s be realistic for a second and take a look at some ideas that will help your budget go further.

home improvements

Be Wise


Now you’re probably thinking, “what on Earth does being wise have to do with my home improvement budget?!” It’s actually quite simple really… Whilst you’d probably love to renovate every room, the reality is that you may not have the time or budget to do that. So you need to choose your rooms wisely. 

Sometimes, you need to make upgrades through necessity. But when it’s purely cosmetic works that need to be considered, improving the bathroom will usually work out cheaper than the living room spaces. In turn, this can allow you to make luxury additions without going over budget. Sticking to small spaces that are regularly used also encourages speed.

If you’re going to take on serious jobs, such as adding extensions or touching the plumbing and electrics, you will need a professional. In addition to this, paying someone else to complete simple cosmetic jobs that you are more than capable of doing is likely to waste your budget. Online video tutorials teach you how to complete a whole host of jobs around the home. Remove those manual labour costs, and you’ll find that your home improvement funds work harder than you thought they would…

Add Personality


If you read a lot of my blog posts, you’ll notice that I talk a lot about adding items to interiors that are truly personal to you. Individual character and charm are the most vital elements of making a house a home. And making a home, your home. Therefore, the simple additions that celebrate your family and the magical moments you’ve shared are key. To achieve this, you can use a range of products ranging from family photos to holiday souvenirs. Likewise, celebrating your love of animals, nature, or any other passion can be a great way to brighten your home on a budget.

Another area of your home that you can add personality through are the colour schemes you decide to use. You can add a lot of luxury features to the home, but the overall impact will be limited unless you can find a modern colour scheme that works well and suits you. The colour and finishing touches are the first things you notice when you walk into a room. Redecorating your rooms is one of the easiest home improvement tasks you’ll ever take on. A good colour scheme paired with the right rugs and décor transforms a whole interior.

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Lighting and Using Wall Space


Lighting is another crucial element that can alter the entire look and feel of any interior. Increased natural lighting can make the home feel bigger and better. If that fails, lamps and other lighting can be used to create a range of atmospheres. This is particularly true when opting for changeable LED light bulbs.

Some furniture pieces are essential. Then again, removing the display cabinets for shelving can save space and money in one go. TV brackets are another fantastic option while installing hooks on the back of doors can help too.

home improvements

Claim Money Back


Saving money through smart purchases and calculated decisions should remain the priority at all times. Nonetheless, there is no doubt that you can give your budget a serious boost by gaining added value out of unwanted items. Your junk is another person’s treasure, and selling items online or via a boot sale can bring in extra money. You’ll be amazed at just how much money is tied up in your old goods. Besides, this is a great way to make the home feel bigger simply by decluttering.   

Similarly, there’s nothing wrong with putting furniture together yourself. While some homeowners will look down on furniture from IKEA and similar stores. However, as long as they are put together correctly with re-enforcements, they look great and can last for years. With the right tools and CT1 sealants at your disposal, this can be the perfect way to gain the luxury look on a relatively modest budget. On a separate note, visiting showrooms should provide great inspiration for how to dress rooms.

Exterior Design and Thinking Long-Term


Your relationship with the home begins long before you enter the front door. Improving the front lawn, adding door numbers, and investing in a gate won’t cost a lot. However, the difference those little jobs make can be huge. Maintaining your gardens (front and back) is certainly a worthwhile bonus too.

It’s very easy to fall into the trap of thinking about the cheap purchases that will make your budget last longer today (believe me, I’ve done this and regretted it!). In reality, the best upgrades are often the ones that will bring long-term savings. Of course, opting for durable items that stay in fashion for a long time is a great starting point. Eco-friendly upgrades like water-saving toilets and appliances will work wonders in the long-term whilst adding value to the home.


I hope you have enjoyed reading this post and taken away some key pointers on how to stretch your budget further! I would love to know more about your current or upcoming home improvement project… Drop a comment below to connect.

Until next time,

Jessica xo



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