Moving abroad has a huge impact on your personal and professional life but you may not have to worry too much about living a professional life abroad. Earning a living in another country can be the start of something huge, and maybe even move you into an international career finding new people to network with and also meeting new friends, experiencing new cultures and enjoying life.

Here are the pros and cons of starting a new life abroad and why it may beneficial (and sometimes difficult to adapt to). Yes it’s a big decision, but it could be well worth it…


Experience the Global Markets and Professional Trades

E-commerce and international trading are huge today and they stretch to all areas. Even in the digital world you can find that they play a huge role in today’s business world. Picking up and moving abroad can help you experience the global marketplace and see things in new ways to improve your business ideas and perspectives.

If you do decide to move home, you may want to look at the best places to live to experience life in the best possible way. You could want to buy a new town house, buy old condo or see what other things the city may have for you. There will be plenty no matter what city you choose.  You’ll also be able to expand your professional networking systems and keep in touch over email, you can meet new people who may think like you.

Learning All About a New Culture Helps Improve Your Lifestyle

Having to perhaps learn a brand new language or even just a little bit of a new language will be daunting and if you are in an English speaking city, this may not be a problem, but the best part is that learning and exploring a new culture will make you a better communicator.

You will start to learn how to better write emails, to communicate more refined and with better filters that can make you more aware of what you’re saying and how you’re saying it. Wherever you end up working, or if you’re working for yourself long term, your communication skills will be an asset.

Your Income Streams Could Change

Having income in a different currency can either be a good or bad way for risking financial problems in your company but on the whole it could possibly be beneficial. If you’re really worried about the economy back home, moving away can also help you to unlock better job opportunities and salaries in a stable market and also make you question how you have been getting your income and how things could change and improve.

Things will improve if you start to think outside the box and look at multiple income streams as this can prove beneficial.

moving abroad


Examine Any Additional Costs

This may be something as simple as buying your plane ticket to and from your destination and paying the costs to get your possessions to your new home. The move itself is expensive, but sadly this is not the only cost that you may incur. Perhaps it is learning to appreciate the new and foreign tax systems, or contributing to different systems and financial companies which covers you for insurance, medical care and social security and these costs can add up.

You must always be sure to budget for everything and even the unexpected.

Possibility of Not Having As Much Free Time

Perhaps you enjoy your new country and job but the flexibility is not what you had imagined. Unlike back home when you can switch from job to job, you will have to commit to one and stick to it, because working abroad may mean a visa would be cancelled. Quitting might mean having to go home and start again. You will be expected to carry on and not quit your job at all.

Moving Forwards and Promotions Could be Harder

If you stay with the same company, they may value your work but you may not necessarily have access to being promoted or furthering your career as easily. Maybe it’s down to your language skills or that they are giving longer workers the changes first. You can make really good impressions but you may still not be eligible for a promotion.

moving abroad

So there you have it! The pros and cons of moving abroad and the reasons why it could be a good step. Sure, it may be difficult work sometimes but surely if it’s a dream, you can make it work.

Have you ever considered, planned or even made the move abroad? We’d love to hear your stories in the comments below!

Take Care,

Jessica xo